5 Best Winter Destinations In The U.S. For Extreme Sports

December 17, 2015 5:00 AM

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Find out how brave you are and push the limits by planning a vacation themed around your favorite extreme sport. All of these locations are home to extreme fanatic’s favorite activities, plus these areas offer other similar activities for the less extreme. No matter which sport gets you excited, all of these locations are sure to offer a fun getaway and plenty of exciting things to do.

alaskaextreme 5 Best Winter Destinations In The U.S. For Extreme Sports

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Chugach Mountains, Alaska

The soft powder of the Chugach Mountains in Alaska, combined with the terrain, makes this area of the country very popular among heli-skiers. Your visit to the Chugach Mountains will give you the ultimate Alaskan heli-skiing experience. The magic of these mountains just calls out to extreme skiers, giving them the desire to experience a world-class adventure.

Heli-skiing adventures in Alaska will begin with a helicopter ride to the top of some of the highest peaks in the area before dropping you into powder bowls that offer fantastic views of the Pacific. Ski safaris are available through Chugach Powder Guides. Safaris available include packages also featuring cat skiing, accommodations, dining, heli-boarding and many other snow-themed activities. More tour and vacation package options are also available through Alyeska Resort and Silverton Mountain Guides.

Other winter sports available in the area include resort skiing, Snowcat back-up skiing, Nordic skiing and snow biking. However, all of these will feel tame compared to the thrills you will have heli-skiing.

Bishop, California

Those who love to go bouldering or mountain climbing will find everything they need in Bishop, California. This is one of the top places in the world where there is a high concentration of bouldering opportunities. Plus, the scenery makes for an once-in-a-lifetime experience for extreme sports enthusiasts. Not to mention the weather is almost perfect for bouldering year-round. You will be excited to explore the Happy and Sad Boulders found in shallow canyons as you make your way through winding walls, alcoves and jumbles of blocks.

Other mountain-themed activities in the bishop area include horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, pack trips, snowshoeing and cross country skiing. For guide book and details about tours and other attractions in the area visit Bishop Bouldering.

surfing 5 Best Winter Destinations In The U.S. For Extreme Sports

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Hawaii offers some of the best year-round weather to accommodate all types of extreme water sports. That is why so many water sports enthusiasts make their way to Hawaii to go kite surfing. The beaches make for the perfect launching place for the kites and the rolling swells make for plenty of opportunities to jump in and ride the waves. Kite surfing tours and adventures can be booked with Kailua Adventures. For those less experienced in kite surfing, the Honolulu Kite School offers lessons for all levels of experience.

Because of the beautiful year-round weather in Hawaii, those who enjoy kite surfing many also enjoy the many other water-themed activities available. Other water sports for extreme sports enthusiasts include kayaking, snorkeling, paddle boarding, boogie boarding and surfing.

Las Vegas, NV

Are you up for a Top Gun experience while in Las Vegas? Then make plans to fly with Sky Combat Ace, where you can fulfill your dreams of being a fighter pilot. There is no experience necessary to fly in a combat plane, and you will be treated to an assortment of aerobatics, air combat and extreme sightseeing. Sky Combat Ace offers different missions to choose from, making it possible to customize your experience.

Those wanting an extreme speed adventure in Las Vegas without leaving the ground will find it by enjoying a race car experience. These experiences are available through Dream Racing and the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

zorb1 5 Best Winter Destinations In The U.S. For Extreme Sports

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Chicago, Illinois

Encase yourself in a sphere and flow downhill while zorbing, also referred to as “freehballing” or “sphereing.” Though zorbing can sometimes seem like a tame sport, depending upon terrain it can feel more adventurous than it really is. When zorbing, you will be placed in a plastic sphere and rolled down a gentle slope. This can also be done on a level surface, such as snow or water. Freballin’ USA offers zorbing in the Chicago area for those wanting to try something new. To make zorbing more exciting, you can also race against a friend, play golf or join in other fun activities that are available.

Other activities while in Chicago can include taking boat tours, enjoying a food tour or holding your breath as you step out onto the Skydeck at the Willis Tower. Those wanting to have some more excitement will enjoy the many water sports available on Lake Michigan, including the Seadog Cruises, kayaking and sailing.

Extreme sports enthusiasts will love being able to plan their next vacation to one of the above listed destinations. No matter what your preferences are, each location has plenty to offer visitors in extreme sports experiences.

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