Attention sports fans! If you attend several games a season, the ubiquitous hot dogs and garlic fries become a bit boring. Even if you branch out and get a Cha Cha bowl or head to the Crazy Crabz, the novelty of eating at your seat surrounded by strangers can wear off after a few games at AT&T Park. Don’t get us wrong, the ballpark remains amazing and fantastic and we’re blessed to be in SF to catch games. Especially now that a World Series banner forever waves over the field. We’re also definitely picking up some kettle corn before the 7th inning stretch. Still, you need to mix it up. While being a Giants fan may be torture, finding someplace to eat that isn’t at the game shouldn’t be. Here are a few options for a bite before or after the game:

330 Townsend St
San Francisco, CA 94107
MarloweOpen for lunch or dinner before first pitch, Marlowe is serving up ridiculously good food. You can get a burger there, if you’re still jonesing for food in the “junk” category. But this burger, the Marlowe burger, is wildly considered to be one of the best in the city. The brussel sprout chips are not to be missed. Put aside your childhood aversion to the round green globes and go with us on this. The steak tartare is decadent. The Louis salad is a great choice if you’re in the mood for something far different from ballpark fare. Try the crispy fried chicken sandwich at lunch, a great twist on junk food, complimented excellently by Caesar dressing. If you make the time to sit down for a nice meal before enjoying the game, Marlowe, with it’s great execution, is your place.

Little Skillet
360 Ritch St
San Francisco, CA 94107
Little SkilletThis option only works for those day games, a couple of which are coming up down the stretch into September. Little Skillet, tucked on Ritch just a few blocks from the ballpark is the place to go. This is also an ideal spot to grab chicken and waffles to nosh on before the game. Or get a fried chicken box and bring it into the park with you. In the mood for something different? Consider a tasty catfish po’boy. Sweet tea is an excellent, refreshing drink to cool you down for those warm, sunny afternoon day games. If “fried” isn’t really doing it for you, the pulled pork sandwich is an excellent option. And for those of us (pretending) to watch our weight, a Cobb salad is available and so filling.

28 Pier
San Francisco, CA 94105
HiDiveIt’s a few blocks walk from the ballpark, but on the upside for San Francisco, it’s a flat trek. A great little spot along the Embarcadero, Hi Dive offers bar fair from mozzarella sticks and fried calamari to quesadillas. The view is definitely a bonus, and a nice place to unwind with a pint or two before dealing with ballpark crowds. The smoked turkey grill is a favorite alternative to eating a hot dog at the park later. The fish tacos are a serious crowd pleaser at HiDive. You’ll likely be in the company of many people on their way to the game here, which makes for a lively and fun atmosphere in addition to offering solid food options.

American Grilled Cheese Kitchen
1 S Park St
San Francisco, CA 94107
American Grilled Cheese KitchenThis places knows their audience: they stay open until first pitch on Giants game days, outside of their normal hours. As the restaurant’s name suggests, they are serving up grilled cheese. But this isn’t your two slices of white bread and a slice of American. It’s so much more. Try out the piglet with ham, cheddar, apple mustard and rosemary butter. Or a jalapeno popper sandwich. Maybe get all fancy with mushroom gruyere. American Grilled Cheese Kitchen is so far beyond your grade school grilled cheese. For those more temperate SF night games, grab a side of tomato soup to warm your bones. Because this spot knows that some things shouldn’t be messed with.

680a 2nd St
San Francisco, CA 94107
IronsideOpen for lunch and dinner, Ironside is serving up a little bit of everything: pizza, salads, sandwiches for lunch and plates for dinner. For lunch or dinner the pressed Cubano is a favorite with ham, pork, and pickles. The mac & cheese is delectable, again, to combat the chilly ballpark nights. The best bet at Ironside though is to duck in before a weekend day game when they offer a bottomless buffet brunch. $10 for bottomless mimosas and $16 for food including pancakes, bacon, and biscuits & gravy among other choices. While the pitchers are warming up and the rest of the team takes batting practice, you get to sit mere feet away from the ballpark gorging yourself on brunch food with a side of champagne and a little bit of OJ. What could be more perfect before heading into the game and watching the Giants give you a heart attack with a close game for the thousandth time this season? At least that’s how it feels.

Bonus: We omitted restaurants INSIDE the park, but you don’t need a ticket to enjoy celebrity chef  Traci des Jardins ballpark offerings, Public House and Mijita. Both are DELISH options at the front entrance to the park and feature big screens on which to watch in the comfort of your comfort food.

Lisa Tennenbaum is a third generation native with a love hate relationship with San Francisco, as she detests wearing a hoodie in the summer. You can follow her comments about that conflict, as well as much shouting about most sports, on Twitter @LSUcaligrl. She is also a newly minted lawyer looking to make her way in the world today with everything she’s got.