For those of us in California, the leaves may not change their colors for the fall, but that doesn’t mean we can’t inject some change into our wardrobes. Now is the perfect time to perk up your fall wardrobe. We have consulted a fashion expert, personal shopper and image advisor, Kimberly Gant, to make some suggestions that will help you look your best this fall. From scarves to boots and sweaters to jackets, the right fall choices will have you looking just right as we head into the holiday season.

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Before joining Ensemble Personal Image Consulting, Kimberly Gant worked in fashion for many years, including employment with leading San Francisco retailers. As a Personal Image Consultant, Kimberly is able to combine her love for people and beautiful clothes to do work that she really enjoys.

Add plenty of interesting color! 

Earth tones are a traditional color choice for the fall. You should consider dressing in browns, reds and oranges. Also fashionable this season is Mykonos blue. Kimberly suggests adding a Mykonos blue tee to mix up your basics. Kimberly’s company, Ensemble Personal Image Consulting, has a Pinterest board you can look at that includes a really great guide to fall 2013’s best shades.


Remember to apply the principle of K.I.S.S. to all of your wardrobe choices: Keep It Simple, Sister. Make use of the simplicity of graphic black and white pieces. Those simple colors are the rage this season. And for some sleek texture, you might think about adding a little leather with subtle trimming or with a pert jacket. You could also consider a leather belt in fall colors, or some new boots.

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Cozy up in layers to stay warm and feel cuddly. An oversized sweater, straight-leg jeans and boots are a fool-proof women’s wear look for fall. For men, add a rich sweater over a button-down to add interest. Be sure to vary the textures for each layer to achieve an appealing look. Contrasting textures are a tried-and-true method to add complexity and interest to your outfits.

Fall accessories

As a final touch, add a playful scarf to top it all off. Animal prints or camouflage patterns are on trend this season. A scarf is the perfect low-cost investment to integrate into your wardrobe. Wonderful scarves can cost less than $20. Or you can go more with silk or cashmere for more dressy occasions. Fall is the ideal time to spruce up your scarf accessories.

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Remember your feet!

Lastly, but certainly not least important, don’t forget to look down at your feet. This is the right time to update your shoes. Now that temperatures are dropping, add a fun boot into the mix. Women should explore a riding boot or bootie. Men should check out a Wolverine or hybrid oxford or a work boot. The right choices in boots and shoes will keep you up to date and help you transition into the winter rainy season.

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