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(SPONSORED CONTENT) – If you have discovered that your loved one has trouble with activities of daily living, then you may want to learn more about assisted living. According to the National Care Planning Council, the phrase “assisted living” is an umbrella term that encompasses a wide spectrum of services related to senior care, all of which offer many benefits for both caregivers and seniors.

Dwayne J. Clark

(credit: Aegis Living)


Dwayne J. Clark is the founder and chief executive officer of Aegis Living. With more than 29 years of senior housing experience, Dwayne has helped thousands of seniors age with dignity, comfort and compassion. He is not only the founder of Aegis Living, he became a customer when his mother, Colleen, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and lived in one of his communities.

As millions of Americans are aging and dealing with chronic diseases, long-term professional care for your loved ones could be a practical, healthy and positive choice that benefits the whole family. Here are some of the reasons why:

Assisted Living Care Is Personalized

There is no one-size-fits-all package with assisted living facilities. Each senior who makes these communities their home has his or her own set of individual traits, personality and medical needs. Professional caregivers can ensure that your family member is getting the support that he or she needs on a personal level. For example, if you father has trouble with mobility, his residence and care can be specifically planned to make getting around easier for him. If your mother struggles with dementia and often forgets to take her medications, a professional can assure you that she is getting the proper dosage at the appropriate times.

Assisted Living Residences Are Built To Lessen Hazards For Seniors

Certain installations that help your parents stay alert and mobilized, such as bars that they can grab onto in the shower, ramps and panic call buttons, can be costly. However, these additions are standard in assisted living facilities and can make a big difference in your loved one’s mobility. These extras can also reduce the possibility of your parent experiencing an injury due to falling or other incidences.

Assisted Living Allows For Quicker Emergency Responses

As safe as we may try to be, accidents happen. Assisted living communities hire trained professionals who work around the clock, so there is always someone there to alert medical professionals. In non-emergency cases transportation to and from your loved one’s doctor appointments can also be taken care of in an assisted living community.

Assisted Living Gives Seniors Personal Space

Even though there are professionals monitoring your parent’s health needs, each resident has their own room or apartment. Whether your loved one requires daily medical care or not, he or she will still have the freedom of mobility, autonomy and privacy. Although it can be difficult for seniors to leave their home or family, many find that they enjoy having their own personal space.

Your Parent’s Can Continue To Enjoy Life

If your parent is still able to perform certain tasks and chores without putting him or herself in harm’s way, then the professionals will work with your mother or father to support them in their efforts. This is important for your family member’s well-being in general. For example, if an assisted living community offers nutrition classes, your father can learn to cook healthier meals in his new home and understand what nutrients will help boost his health. There are also several ways that your mother can enjoy intellectual stimulation, as many communities provide classes, book clubs and even art workshops to help seniors expand their horizons and keep their senses sharp.

Assisted Living Facilities Value Socializing

Getting older has many rewards, but one of the downfalls is losing friends or a spouse along the way. If your parent lives alone, this can create a certain degree of loneliness. The many common areas in a community encourage interaction with others. Socializing is great for seniors in a lot of ways – it helps them feel less withdrawn and isolated, which will encourage positive thinking, and offers many physical and emotional benefits. They may also offer field trips, dances and access to cultural events, which can encourage your family member to meet peers and feel less alone.

Your Parent Can Become More Active Or Continue Their Active Lifestyle

Many assisted living facilities provide events and activities that encourage physical mobility and exercise. Movement and staying active doesn’t just help seniors feel younger, it may also increase one’s lifespan by helping to fight off chronic diseases. If your mother enjoys aerobics, walking or yoga, most communities will provide these types of physical recreation so that she stays healthy.

Taking care of your loved one is important. With the help of assisted living facilities and their staff you can rest assured your family member is enjoying a high quality of life and independence while still getting the care that he or she needs.

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