Nothing is more personal than your wardrobe and the image it helps you project. There are times, too, when a well-chosen wardrobe can make the difference between success and failure in many areas of our lives. Experienced image consultants are true professionals who work with all sorts of people from politicians to movie actors to school teachers to just plain folk. They often have extensive experience in the fashion industry as buyers, retailers or designers. A competent image consultant has expertise in all aspects of understanding personal image: psychological, social, physical and artistic. You may be amazed at the difference a successful consultation can make. If you are serious about investing in a new image for whatever reason, we have located some Bay Area professionals who can help you do it right.

Micki Turner Image Consultant and Personal Shopper

(510) 287-9110

When the style writers at the San Francisco Chronicle and other area publications want an expert opinion on what’s fashionable, they often call on Micki. She works with both men and women in building wardrobes for any budget. She can also consult for special events such as weddings and other major life celebrations. Her satisfied clients include many professionals in the legal and financial fields, folks who really need to look their best and make the finest impression in every situation. If you are traveling, Micki can help you put together a travel wardrobe that is easy to pack and will keep you looking right wherever you find yourself.

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Ensemble Personal Image Consulting

(734) 645-8847

Rachel Fauman and Kimberly Grant bring years of fashion industry experience to their personal image services. They are experienced in working with both men and women through a wide range of professions. Between the two of them, they have been professionally associated with Nordstroms, The Gap and Gymboree as well as many smaller boutiques and local designers. They also offer full “lifestyle” consultations which address your home as well as your wardrobe. Enthusiastic clients describe their consultations as not merely effective, but a lot of fun.

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(510) 984-2307

ModaMorghana describes itself as “Fashionistas for All.” It specializes in personal and professional transitions, big or small. It offers packages from a single closet cleanup or shopping trip to a twice-yearly consultation at a single rate. Its clients report increased self-confidence and are delighted with “amazing” results. Founder Morgan Hallinan describes herself as an international fashionista. After earning a degree in Italian at UCLA, she moved to Milan to study fashion. Later, she did the same in Rio de Janeiro (where she added Portuguese to her impressive languages skills). With clients all over the world, she is a lady who knows something about image and how to get along, and shares her expertise with lots of wit and humor.


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