Home brewing has become increasingly popular in the US, and San Franciscans have joined in on the trend. Folks enjoy home brewing for a variety of reasons: as a hobby, an economic incentive or an opportunity to adjust recipes according to their own tastes. Friends often meet to brew together or share and sample their special brews. Here are five helpful resources for the San Francisco home brewer.

San Francisco Brewcraft (credit: Melanie Graysmith)

San Francisco Brewcraft
1555 Clement St.
San Francisco, CA 94118
(415) 751-9338

The home brewer’s go-to spot for everything needed to brew beer, San Francisco Brewcraft has been in business since 1978. Whether you are new to home brewing or a long-time brewer, San Francisco Brewcraft will have just what you are looking for, including brew classes, brew kits, beer recipes, kegging and bottling supplies, books, distillation equipment and much more. Brewing classes are ongoing every Monday night at 6 p.m., but you need to call in advance to reserve a space. Check the website for information on everything this unique business offers.

San Francisco Brewers Guild
11 Pier 45
San Francisco, CA 94133


This one stop spot celebrates local brewing and has been sharing the joy of “Reviving the vibrant heritage of beer brewing in San Francisco since 2004.” Everything you could want to know about beer and brewing can be found at this informative and fun website. Virtually every event that involves brewing and beer is highlighted here, along with the best breweries, brewpubs and restaurants and breweries around town. This site is packed with everything a brewer and beer lover needs to know about beer-related happenings in the city. You can even shop the Brewers Guild online shop for beer-specific fun stuff like t-shirts and posters. Visit the website and read all about it.

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(credit: anchorbrewing.com)

Anchor Brewing Company
1705 Mariposa St.
San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 863-8350

Located in San Francisco since 1896, Anchor Brewing is a favorite that is now available throughout the United States, and in some foreign countries too. Brewers will enjoy taking a free tour, and that includes tastings, at the Anchor Brewing Company to get a glimpse of centuries-old brewing traditions with a generous taste of San Francisco history thrown in. You can also follow the history of Anchor Brewing through an onsite pictorial tour and check out some informative videos too.

(credit: Melanie Graysmith)

The Bold Italic
Brew Your own Beer

The Bold Italic defines itself as “an online magazine, shop and events hub in San Francisco.” It celebrates “the free-wheeling spirit of the city.” Evidently, there are enough free-wheeling home-brewing spirits to rate a lengthy page on the Bold Italic website where oodles of beer brewing-focused information on events, breweries, mini-interviews and how-tos reside. A fun, local personalities-centered site, reading or skimming The Bold Italic is like getting together with your favorite beer-loving buddies to catch up on what they have been doing and brewing recently. Visit the website to explore it all.

Beer Brewing Barrel (credit: Melanie Graysmith)

Homebrewers Guild
Meetup Group

If you are a home brewer and want to meet with other home brewers, this popular group is for you. Connect with local brewers through this Meetup group. It is a great way to get involved with home brewing and beer events organized by the dedicated group organizer. If you are new to Meetup, the groups are open to new members and you must be a Meetup member to access the groups. Meetup membership is free to join, although individual groups may collect nominal dues or fees to keep the group active and growing.

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