“It’s the happiest car ever!”

The Ride
The Driver: Drew
Vehicle in Question: 2009 Jetta TDI
Spotted at: Twin Peaks, San Francisco, CA 94114
Odometer: 20023
Car’s Nickname: Sylvia


Q: Great car, but it’s diesel. Why did you decide to get a car that is diesel?

A: I bought this car right when they were making clean diesel. Hybrids are really expensive and I just don’t like them. I think it’s a fad and that they’re all going to break in a couple of years.

Q: So you think hybrids are going to bust all at one time?

A: I think they’re going to have serious problems and there’s not going to be any auto body shops for that, so they’re going to have to open auto body shops specifically for… I’m neurotic, totally neurotic. But seriously, hybrids are really expensive for what you get and diesel gets the same mileage. This gets about 47 mile per hour on the highway.

Q: How’d you decide upon this make and model?

A: In the ’90s, my first car was a Jetta. I loved that car! But I treated it like crap, so I had to give it up when I went to college because it wasn’t in good shape. I sold it, but I always missed it.

Q: Why do you love Jettas so much?

A: It’s just a nice car for cheaper. It’s made by the same people who make Audis. It’s basically a toy Audi.

Q: Your car is really nice. Did you ask for certain features?

A: It’s the best Jetta you can get. It has a navigation system and a really good stereo. It has seat heaters, which I love. It’s got a sunroof. It’s actually got a really good engine. It’s pretty zippy.

Q: So your car just hit 20,000 miles. How many more do you think it will get?

A: I bet it’ll go to 150,000. I’m never getting rid of this thing. What’s the point? I’m not a person who cares about cars very much. I’m not going to buy a BMW or an Audi, ever!

Q: What do your friends say about your car?

A: Everyone thinks this car is more expensive than it is. Everyone sees this car and goes, “Ooooh, someone broke the bank.” And I’m like, “Really? It’s a Jetta.”

Photos and interview by Daisy Barringer

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