DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Jeffrey At Bayview Opera House

January 2, 2012 3:00 AM

dyr san francisco DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Jeffrey At Bayview Opera House

“I use it for work for the Quesada Gardens.”

The Ride
The Driver: Jeffrey
Car in Question: Black 2006 Scion xA
Spotted at: Bayview Opera House, 4705 3rd Street, San Francisco, CA 94124
Odometer: 18,167
Car’s Nickname: Humble the Car


Q: Did you buy this car new?

A: Yes, bought it new in 2006. I had a series of old beater, used cars. One of them “exploded.” It was sort of a last straw for me. I needed to get to work for the next Monday, so I bought this car that weekend.

Q: Wow, quick buy. Did you get a good deal?

A: I got a great deal. I had been doing research on cars, so I knew what I wanted. They had two, silver and black. I called and said, “Hold the black one.”

Q: What made you want to buy a Scion?

A: All about parking. I literally measured the Scions of that day. The Mini Coopers were a little bit shorter, but they cost about twice as much. That was my decision: pay less and still be able to park.

Q: What’s your car’s main use?

A: Local travel. Relatively little time is spent in my car. I work at home, so I don’t have a commute. Hauling things around, running errands. I use it for work for the Quesada Gardens community work.

Q: How about weekend trips or day trips from home?

A: Occasionally, not a lot. I also like local Bay Area sites like hiking trails in Marin, festivals down in San Jose, and friend’s houses in the East Bay.

Q: Where’s the furthest place you’ve driven in this car?

A: The furthest it’s been is San Diego. It has taken the trip a couple of times. It felt a lot faster than I thought it would take. I drove straight through, so it took about eight hours. I went to visit a friend who previously had lived in the Bay Area.

Q: These next three questions some think are more about the driver than the car. No pressure. First, do you have any rules in your car?

A: Very few rules. I try to keep it kind of neat, not that that is a rule for anybody else. That’s just the way I am. If you’re going to pile the back with tools, put a cover underneath to protect the upholstery.

Q: That makes sense. Next, if your car had a theme song, what would it be?

A: “Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay” by Otis Redding.

Q: Interesting. And finally, if your car had a human emotion, what would it?

A: Friendly, because you don’t worry about the car. It is easy to be with and hang out with. It’s not competitive. No one is going to try and race the car. It just is what it is.

Q: What do you think your next car will realistically be?

A: If I am still a community organizer, it will be humble still. Maybe something with a bed that could hold stuff, or even something smaller like a Smart Car. Depends on the direction of my life.

Q: Is there anything else we should know about your car?

A: It’s really well designed in terms of being able to do a lot with it—hauling stuff, carrying people. The backseats go down independent of one another, so you can carry three people and still some long shovels or tools. I like the hatchback design. The ceiling height, as well, is higher than the Honda Civics. For a tall guy, it doesn’t make me look like I don’t belong in it.

Photos and interview by Brandon Oldham

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