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Call it Bay Area loyalty, but nothing beats watching a music festival in the Bay Area. We pride ourselves in our taste in music. We embrace the diversity of genres the music world has to offer. We can attend Reggae On The River in July and the Annual Monterey Jazz Festival in September.

Just the amount of festivals we have is mind blowing. You have Bottlerock in Napa, Live 105’s BFD at the Shoreline, Alice@97.3’s Summerthing and Now & Zen in Golden Gate Park. Plus the highly anticipated Outside Lands Music Festival coming in August, Southern California may fail in comparison.

Here are some of the best reasons why the Bay Area rocks when it comes to music festivals:

1) It does not get “that” hot in the Bay Area.

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“We have more places to find shade.”

2) Little to no dust storms.

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“Face it…shorts, a tank top, goggles & a mask is not a good look.”

3) Less crowded accommodations.

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“No need to camp when you don’t have to.”

4) Bay Area Concerts are much closer.

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“Rather than driving 500 miles, avoid the road trip.”

5) We have much better food.

Lil’ Green Cyclo Garlic Noodles (credit: CBS Local)

“Hands down”

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6) It’s not a fashion show.

“No need to dress or undress for a concert”

7) Our local celebrities are more accessible.

Vinnie of Alice@97.3 with fans (credit: CBS Local)

“Most of the time, their celebrities are safely tucked away in the VIP section”