From allegations Ray Lewis used a performance enhancing drugs in the form of deer antler spray, Joe Flacco’s ignorant referral to next year’s Super Bowl as “retarded”,  the 49er’s Chris Culliver’s anti-gay comments and apology that didn’t seem much like an apology, and a Dan Marino love child, Seriously? This Super Bowl media week seemed to be about everything except The Big Game.

And while I’m always terribly depressed as the Super Bowl marks the end of football season  — it might not be such a bad trade off this year if I never have to hear the name Ray Lewis again.

Here are some of the other stories in this week’s That Thing You Missed.

by: @TaraLipinsky

A “Big” Cheerleader Controversy


A Baltimore Ravens cheerleader claims she was barred from performing in the Super Bowl because she’s packed on the pounds and she is pissed off.

Um, you’re a cheerleader.  What the hell do you expect? Isn’t being skinny, like, the number one requirement?

I’m pretty sure not making the Super Bowl cheerleading squad for gaining weight is akin to a quarterback getting benched for multiple interceptions or his inability to score.  Well, unless of course you’re on the New York Jets.

And before you say anything, my opinion isn’t “sexist,”  It’s just called “common sense.”

Story via CBS Houston

The “S-T-D’s” of Video Bombing

If YOU think it’s annoying when spectators crash a reporter’s live shot – hooting and hollering – calling relatives on their cell phone while they wave and point at themselves. It’s 84,000 times worse for the actual reporter. Now, get a heckler who has knocked back a few disturbing your broadcast and you just may well have legal justification for murder.

Check out the way Orlando reporter Jessica Sanchez handled this drunken 49er’s fan. It’s epic.

Let’s just say the next time you’re thinking about disturbing a reporter doing their job – you may think twice.

Story via CBS Detroit

It Takes One To Know One

Just when I was giddy with the thought there was finally not one human being out there who would possibly defend Lance Armstrong – Mike Tyson did an interview this week.

“He’s an awesome human being.” Tyson exclaimed on WLNY-TV’s The Couch, “He’s going to get over this.” Although I didn’t exactly get the impression the two have ever met.

It’s funny if you asked me ten years ago if I’d have more respect for an ear biting, face tattooed, convicted rapist over a Tour de France cheater, I would have called you crazy.

Lance better hope they make a Hangover 10.

Story via CBS New York

Out Of The Woods

Tiger Woods bends a shot around a tree on the 4th hole during the Final Round at the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines. (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)

(Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)

And just when I thought Tiger Woods’ career was essentially over and I got a cheap thrill imagining he’ll spend the rest of his days blowing millions on high tech mobile devices and tacky porn stars – he shocks me by actually doing something outrageous on the golf course.

During the final round at Torrey Pines last week – Woods had to hit a shot around a tree on the fourth hole which he seemingly did with ease.

Look at that photo – he bends the shot by raising his left elbow high in the air in his follow through. Wow.

Frankly, I don’t’ know what’s more impressive. Pulling that trick shot or managing to hook up with Olympic skiing hottie Lindsey Vonn after cheating on his wife with over 20 women?

Story via CBS Denver

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