Traffic Webcams

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TVD10 W80atIncline Traffic Webcams TV102 W580atJCT24 Traffic Webcams TV113 W24atTelegraph Traffic Webcams

Metering Lights

W580 JWO 24

W24 at Telegraph

TVD01 W80atFremontSt Traffic Webcams TV316 E80At6th Traffic Webcams TV304 E80ATJCT101 Traffic Webcams


6th Street

E80 at US101

TVD01 W80atFremontSt Traffic Webcams TV519 W580atRegatta Traffic Webcams TV503 W80atCarlson Traffic Webcams

Richmond/San Rafael Toll Plaza

W580 at Regatta

W80 at Carlson

TV379 S101atBayshore Traffic Webcams TV305 N101atCandlestick Traffic Webcams TV403 N101atLagoon Traffic Webcams

S101 at 3rd

N101 at Candlestick

N101 at Lagoon Rd

TVE75 S101atJCT1 Traffic Webcams TVE83 N101AtJCT580 Traffic Webcams TVE86 N101atIGNACIO Traffic Webcams

S101 at Hwy 1

N101 at 580

N101 at Ignacio

smateo Traffic Webcams TVE03 E92atSub2 Traffic Webcams TVE07 E92atSub6 Traffic Webcams

San Mateo Bridge Toll Plaza

High Rise

Sub 6

TVC60 S880at101 Traffic Webcams TV711 S880atPaseoGrande Traffic Webcams TVB21 S880at66th Traffic Webcams

NB 880 at 101

880 South of Hesperian


cam3 2 Traffic Webcams TV388 N1PRESIDIO Traffic Webcams TV389 S101at101 1 Traffic Webcams

Golden Gate Bridge

N1 Presidio Tunnel

S101 at Hwy1

TVG00 W1atWPortal Traffic Webcams TVG07 W1atEPortal Traffic Webcams TVE73 N101atSpencer Traffic Webcams

Presidio Parkway East

Presidio Parkway West

N101 at Spence



Caltrans Bay Area Live Traffic Cameras

San Francisco- Oakland Bay Area

E 80 at 6th St
E 80 at Ashby
EB 80 at Lower Deck-Sterling Onramp
W 80 at Ashby
E 80 at 80/580/880 IC
E 80 at 101
E 80 at Suisun Valley Rd
E 80 at Bay Bridge SAS Tower
W 80 at Bay Bridge SAS Tower
W 80 at Fremont
W 80 SFOBB at Incline
W 24 at Telegraph
NB 101 at 580
NB 101 at JNO-280-680
NB 101 at Candlestick Park
NB 101 at East Hillsdale
NB 101 at Ignacio
NB 101 at Lagoon
NB 101 at Spencer
N 101 at N 1st
SB 101 at Bayshore
SB 101 at Popular
SB 101 at JCT 1
S 101 at 1 ITC
S 101 at 380
S 101 at Wilfred
N238 JSO Ashland Ave.
S 280 at John Daly
N 280 at 101
N 280 at 6th
E-380 JWO JCT-101
S-17 JSO JCT-280
W4 at Lone Tree
San Mateo Bridge at Substation 2
San Mateo Bridge at Substation 6
W80 at Carlson
W 580 at Tassajara
W 580 at JCT 24
W 580 at Regatta
E 580 at Grand
S 680 at 80
S680 at El Cerro Blvd
N680 at JCT 580
680 at Greenbrook
680 at Pine Valley
S680 at North Main St.
S 880 at 66th
S 880 at Paseo Grande
S 880 AT JCT 84
S 880 AT 238
S 880 AT The Alameda
N 880 at 101
N1 at Presidio Tunnel
W1 at West Portal
W1 at East Portal