Roughly 80 cats and dogs were removed from a Danville home on Friday. Animal services labeled it a case of hoarding but the homeowner said the pets were part of a nonprofit rescue waiting for adoption. Da Lin reports. (10-17-21)

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PIX NowHere's the latest from the KPIX newsroom. (11-26-21)
Convention in Santa Clara Puts Focus on Small BusinessesRather than flocking to big box stores there was a huge turnout Friday to support small, local vendors in the South Bay. Shawn Chitniss reports. (11-26-21)
Black Friday Shoppers Return to Find Selection LimitedThe ongoing supply chain issues are affecting the Christmas shopping season even as in-person store traffic is up. Da Lin reports from Walnut Creek. (11-26-21)
Students Rising Above: Angelo GranadoThe holidays are traditionally a time we spend with friends and family but Angelo Granado has found that family can also come in the form of good friendships. (11-26-21)
Talking COVID: New Variant Omicron Q & AElizabeth Cook talks with Dr. Monica Gandhi, UCSF, about the newly-identified omicron variant of the coronavirus. (11-26-21)
Friday Evening Pinpoint ForecastChief meteorologist Paul Heggen has the weekend forecast. (11-26-21)
SFPD Ramps Up Presence in Union SquareSan Francisco police are ramping up security this Black Friday around Union Square following a spate of smash-and-grab burglaries across the Bay Area. Max Darrow reports. (11-26-21)
New Coronavirus Variant Prompts Travel Restrictions, Dow DropsA World Health Organization panelFriday named the coronavirus variant “omicron” and classified it as a highly transmissible virus of concern. Wilson Walker reports. (11-26-21)
TODAY'S Forecast: The latest forecast from the KPIX 5 weather teamSunny, clear skies for Thanksgiving weekend
PIX NOW11/26/21
PIX NOW11/26/21
BLACK FRIDAY: Fears among shoppers and store employees in wake of smash and grab robberiesFears among shoppers and store employees in wake of smash and grab robberies
BLACK FRIDAY: Sparse crowds as Black Friday shopping beginsFor some Black Friday shopping has become a memory -- sparse lines as stores open doors
South Bay Families Welcome Return of In-Home Thanksgiving GatheringsFamilies across the country are grateful to be able to gather in person on Thanksgiving for the first time since the pandemic began. Maria Cid Medina reports. (11-25-21)
On-Duty Fire Crews Celebrate Thanksgiving With Their Work FamiliesThousands of first responders were working on Thanksgiving Day, spending the holiday away from their families but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t time to celebrate. Katie Nielsen reports. (11-25-21)
PIX NowHere's the latest from the KPIX newsroom. (11-25-21)
Thursday Evening Pinpoint ForecastChief meteorologist Paul Heggen has the Black Friday forecast. (11-25-21)
Bay Area Shoppers Wary as Retailers Ready Return of Black FridayBay Area shoppers spent Thanksgiving at home as major retailers did not open their stores on the holiday and opinions were mixed about whether they would return to malls on Black Friday. Shawn Chitniss reports. (11-25-21)
KPIX Asks 'What Are You Thankful For?'KPIX 5's Da Lin staked out a position on the San Francisco Embarcadero Thursday to ask passersby "what are you thankful for?" (11-25-21)
Link Found Between Smash-and-Grab BurglariesDetectives from two Bay Area police departments separated by about 50 miles seem to have found links between two recent smash-and-grab burglaries. Max Darrow reports. (11-25-21)
Raw Video: Site of Fatal Crash on Vasco Road Near ByronOne person was killed and two others injured in a crash on Vasco Road in east Contra Costa County Thursday morning.
Charities, Community Groups Serve Up, Deliver Warm Thanksgiving Meals For The NeedyJustin Andrews and Jocelyn Moran report.
PIX NowThursday noon news update from KPIX 5
GLIDE THANKSGIVING: Glide Memorial set to serve holiday dinner to the needy in San Francisco's Tenderloin DistrictAnnually, Glide Memorial has been a place for the needy in San Francisco to get a Thanksgiving holiday meal

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