Fights Heats Up Over Fire Protection In Half Moon Bay

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HALF MOON BAY CRASH: Pilot David Lesh denies his ditching in the waters off Half Moon Bay was a stuntPilot David Lesh denies his ditching in the waters off Half Moon Bay was a stunt
PIX NowWednesday 1pm
Racist, Anti-Immigrant Flyers Posted On San Jose State CampusMichelle Griego reports on SJSU releasing a statement after racist flyers posted around campus ahead of first day of classes (8-21-2019)
PIX NowWednesday 11am
HAYWARD ROBOT ATTACK: Robotic Rent-A-Cop At Hayward Mall Videotapes Attack By VandalRobotic Rent-A-Cop At Hayward Mall Videotapes Attack By Vandal
Elderly Bay Area Couple Rescued After Being Stranded In Portland For DaysA Good Samaritan and a police officer helped an elderly Bay Area couple after they were stranded in Portland, Oregon for days. Elise Haas reports. (8/21/19)
Wednesday Morning Weather Forecast With Mary LeeAfter a clear morning, expect conditions to be warmer throughout the Bay Area on Wednesday, with coastal highs near 70 and inland highs into the 90s. Conditions will remain clear and warm through the rest of the week. Mary Lee has the forecast. (8/21/19)
Bay Area Students Learn How To Stay Safe During AttacksAmid the threat of mass shootings, kids are learning how to stay safe during an attack and schools are also trying to beef up security. Jackie Ward reports. (8/21/19)
PIX NOW08/21/2019
PIX Now8/21/19
PIX Now8/21/19
Pix SportsPix Sports Late 8-20-19
SFMTA Leaders Vote To Name Chinatown Subway Station After Rose PakSan Francisco's newest subway station will be named after political power broker Rose Pak.
Bay Area Businessman Charged In Massive Immigration ScamA businessman who once vowed to spread the wealth in downtown Oakland has been charged in what is being called a massive immigration scam.
Plane Crashes Into Pacific Ocean Near Half Moon Bay; 2 Survive UninjuredTwo people survived after their plane crashed into the ocean near Half Moon Bay.
UC Berkeley Police Warn New Students To Stay Alert, Vigilant On CampusIt’s the start of a new school year at Cal - the class of 2023 has arrived. Among the books and schedules and roommates to discover - Berkeley PD wants to make sure it’s newest denizens think about safety.
Garage Door Backup Battery Required By New California LawCalifornia's recent firestorms uncovered a problem many didn't know existed, and that has prompted a new law for homeowners replacing garage doors and openers.
Plane Crashes Into Water Off Pillar Point Harbor In Half Moon Bay AreaA plane with two people onboard crashed into the water near Pillar Point Harbor in the Half Moon Bay area.
San Ramon Ranked Safest City In CaliforniaIf you’re looking for a safe place to raise your child, you might consider the East Bay city of San Ramon. It was just ranked safest in California.

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