CoCo County Fire Stations Facing Closures

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PIX NOW10-17-19
Thursday Morning Weather Forecast With Emily TurnerAfter a cool and cloudy start, expect clear skies in the Bay Area on Thursday and breezy conditions. Thursday highs will be in the 60s and 70s, but temperatures will warm up again inland early next week. Emily Turner has the forecast. (10/17/19)
PIX Now10/17/19
Loma Prieta Earthquake Anniversary: What Should Be In Your Quake Kit?The 30th anniversary of the Loma Prieta Earthquake is a good reminder to be prepared for the next big quake. KPIX 5 reporter Mary Lee talks to Capt. Erica Arteseros of the San Francisco Fire Department about what should be in your preparedness kit. (10/17/19)
Quake Alert System Unveiled On 30th Anniversary Of Loma PrietaThursday marks 30 years since the massive Loma Prieta Earthquake struck the Bay Area and killed 67 people and caused major devastation in the region. Coinciding with the anniversary, the USGS is set to release its own quake warning system app. KPIX 5 reporter Jackie Ward talks to Robert DeGroot of the USGS about the app. (10/17/19)
PIX Now10/17/19
PIX NOW10-17-19
Pix SportsPix Sports Late 10-16-19
Teachers Become Super-Commuters To Work In San FranciscoMost people have that one teacher who changed the course of their life forever, but increasingly, students in the Bay Area are losing the opportunity to have that kind of relationship with an educator. Susie Steimle reports. (10-16-2019)
Salesforce CEO Says Facebook Is 'Like Cigarettes,' Should Be Broken UpIt is by far the biggest social media company in the world. But now, more and more prominent voices are are saying Facebook is too big and should be broken up. Joe Vazquez reports. (10-16-2019)
New App 'MyShake' To Send Earthquake Early Warnings In CaliforniaOn the eve of the 30th anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake, a new system is rolling out that could radically improve how we respond to earthquakes. Mark Sayre reports. (10-16-2019)
Investigators Comb Through Evidence At NuStar Facility To Find Cause Of FireAs the sun set on the NuStar facility in Crockett, crews were busy mopping up and preventing another potential disaster by venting adjacent tanks damaged by Tuesday’s inferno. Steve Hill with Contra Costa County Fire says, “We are confident that at this point there is no longer any threat of ignition.” Andrea Nakano reports. (10-16-2019)
PIX Now10/16/19 10pm
Burlingame Officials Hold Meeting On Threat Of Rising Sea LevelsKiet Do reports on community meeting in Burlingame to discuss how city should deal with rising sea levels (10-16-2019)
Loma Prieta Hero Looks Back On Harrowing Marina Rescue 30 Years LaterDon Ford reports on a retired San Francisco firefighter remembering his part in a frightening rescue during Loma Prieta (10-16-2019)
Fuel Tank Inferno In Crockett Raises Questions About Refineries On Fault LinesThere are questions as to whether Monday's 4.5 earthquake in Pleasant Hill triggered a fuel tank explosion and raging fire at a facility in Crockett on Tuesday. Wilson Walker reports. (10-16-2019)
San Rafael School To Close Due To Low Enrollment Trend In Marin CountyStudent enrollment in San Rafael schools has dropped so much that the district will close one of its schools next year, the latest in a trend that’s happening throughout Marin County. John Ramos reports. (10-16-2019)
Santa Cruz Residents Look Back On Loma Prieta Three Decades LaterLen Ramirez reports on Santa Cruz locals reflecting on impact of Loma Prieta Earthquake in 1989 (10-16-2019)
PIX Now10/16/19 10pm
Contra Costa Fire's Steve HIll Provides Update On NuStar Fire InvestigationContra Costa Fire Public Information Officer Steve Hill says incident will be turned over to NuStar personnel by 7 p.m. (10-16-2019)
Parents Of Teen Killed In UK Crash Reject Trump's Attempted IntroductionAllen Martin reports on grieving parents of teen killed in UK crash refusing to meet with American woman responsible at White House (10-16-2019)
Wednesday Evening Weather Forecast With Darren PeckThe clouds will increase on Saturday, but a warm up is approaching by early next week with temps climbing into the high 80s inland. (10-16-2019)
New App Gives Advanced Earthquake Warnings To Bay Area UsersAfter earthquakes rocked the Bay Area this week, a new app offering advance warning is arriving right on time. The My ShakeAlert system is coming to the Bay Area on Thursday. Emily Turner reports. (10-16-2019)
Several Agencies Team To Investigate Cause Of NuStar Fuel Tank Explosion And FireAndria Borba reports on the continuing investigation into what caused Tuesday explosion and fire at Crockett fuel facility (10-16-2019)

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