Newsmaker Interview: State Sen. Jerry HillPhil Matier spoke with state senator Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo) about changes to state tour bus inspections. (11-29-15)
Device and App Help Parents Track Teen DriversFor teenage drivers texting has become an even deadlier hazard than drinking. Now, a new device and connected app are keeping their eyes on the road and helping their parents keep an eye on them. Kiet Do reports. (11-26-15)
San Francisco Lowers Towing Fees For Stolen CarsYour car gets stolen -- that's bad enough. Then, when you finally get it back, you're hit with some of the highest towing fees in the country because the thieves dropped it off in a no-parking zone. But, as Wilson Walker reports, that particular San Francisco nightmare is about to end. (11-20-15)
Mountain View Police Stop Google Self-Driving CarA self-driving Google car was pulled over by police. The Mountain View officer says the car was going too slow. Maria Medina reports. (11-13-15)
Hooman's VW UpdateHooman's update on the VW Diesel situation lead to him shooting Vinnie an evil look. (11/11/2015)
ConsumerWatch: Does Pay-Per-Mile Auto Insurance Make Sense for You?Consumer reporter Julie Watts takes a look at a non-traditional type of car insurance targeted at people who don't drive much. (11-6-15)
Self-Driving CarsVinnie reported that self-driving cars are the way of the future. (11/04/2015)
Consumer Reports: Tesla Reliability "Below Average"One of the most-influential surveys of car performance finds Tesla's all-electric Model S vehicles aren't holding up as well as they should. Julie Watts reports.
ConsumerWatch: Stanford Professors File Class-Action Suit Against VolkswagenTwo Stanford professors filed a class-action lawsuit against VW on Friday. They want the carmaker to buy back the vehicles it rigged to pass smog tests. Julie Watts reports. (9-25-15)
Gov. Brown's Plan To Fund Highway Repairs May Hit Roadblock in LegislatureA deadline is coming up Friday for the governor's plan to fix California's roads. Anne Makovec reports. (9-6-15)
K.O. Movie Review: "The Transporter Refueled"The K.O. Movie team of Hooman Khalili & Marcus Osborne review "The Transporter Refueled" starring Ed Skrein and Ray Stevenson. (09/03/2015)
Newsmaker Interview: Mark Leno, California State Senator (D-S.F.)This week, state lawmakers take up the question of how to pay for the tens of billions needed for road repairs. A hike in the gas tax and higher fees for cars and trucks are on the table. Phil Matier asked state sen. Mark Leno if he thinks any of those solutions can get a two-thirds vote in the legislature. (8-16-15)
"Sold" Car Comes Back to Haunt Original OwnerA Bay Area man learned the hard way that the car he thought he sold to a junkyard ended up back on the streets. Julie Watts reports (08/12/15)
Talking Tech: Self-Driving Cars A New Target For HackersCBS technology analyst Larry Magid talks about the challenges we'll be facing in the near future as computer control extends to more of the physical devices we rely on. (8-9-15)
ConsumerWatch: Chrysler Recalls A Million-Plus Vehicles After Hackers Show How To Control Cars RemotelyChrysler is recalling more than a million vehicles to fix a computer flaw that could allow hackers to take over control of the car. Julie Watts reports. (7-24-15)

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