ConsumerWatch Extra: It's It Introduces Green Tea Ice Cream SandwichJulie Watts spoke with Paul Shamieh, vice president of sales for It's It in Burlingame, about the iconic Bay Area ice cream treat's new green tea flavor. (8-20-16)
'It's It,' Beloved SF Ice Cream Sandwich Maker, Adds Green Tea VersionThere's a new It's It -- made with green tea ice cream and it's became so popular thanks to social media there was no need to advertise. Julie Watts reports. (8-19-16)
Small Grocery Store Owners Oppose Oakland Soda TaxSupporters say the sugary drink tax will only affect Big Soda but opponents argue it would force small businesses to raise grocery prices. Da Lin reports. (8-18-16)
2 Men Fall 13,000 Feet To Their Deaths In Skydiving AccidentTwo men jumped to their deaths from 13,000 feet. As Denise Wong reports, the Feds are taking a close look at the Lodi skydiving school where it happened.
Oakland Chinatown Business Owners Fight Proposed Soda TaxA lot of small business owners in Oakland's Chinatown are angry about a proposed new sugary drinks tax that would go beyond sodas to hit Chinese chrysanthemum and boba teas. Da Lin reports
Vending Machine Bakes Fresh French Baguettes In San FranciscoA new vending machine in San Francisco's Castro District may look like an ATM but the bread it dispenses isn't green -- it's golden brown. And warm. And crusty. Michelle Griego reports. (7-29-16)
ConsumerWatch: Insurance NightmareImagine your home is lost in a fire or flood and your insurer sends out a company to help restore what's left of your belongings. Then that company sends you a $17,000 bill. Julie Watts reports. (7-4-16)
Former Employees Protest Outside Upscale Oakland RestaurantFormer employees protested outside Calavera, an upscale Mexican restaurant in Oakland, claiming the establishment stole wages from them. Christin Ayers reports. (7-1-16)
Mom 'n' Pop Businesses Struggle To Survive Soaring South Bay RentsSilicon Valley's red-hot real estate market is showing no signs of slowing down and many mom and pop shops that have been here for decades are fighting an uphill battle to survive. Kiet Do reports. (7-1-16)
Several Businesses Destroyed Overnight By 3-Alarm Fire In OaklandA 3-alarm fire destroyed 8 businesses in Oakland overnight. Da Lin says it took firefighters several hours to put out the blaze.
Booming California Car Sales Helped By Rise Of Lyft, UberNew cars are flying off Bay Area lots and it's not just because of cheaper gas. Cate Cauguiran reports. (2-25-16)
International Cannabis Conference In San FranciscoMembers of the international marijuana community gathered in San Francisco on Saturday. Mark Kelley tells us their main focus is the business of pot.
North Coast Commercial Crabbers Await Go-Ahead After Dungeness Sport Fishing AllowedIn Bodega Bay, some fishermen are getting ready to go crabbing after getting a surprise notice on Thursday that cleared the way for sport fishing of Dungeness crab on the Northern California coast. Don Ford reports. (2-12-16)
Some Rideshare Drivers Plan To Boycott Super BowlSome drivers say they'll be boycotting the Super Bowl to protest unfair treatment -- mainly a new round of fare cuts that they say doesn’t allow them to make a livable wage. Betty Yu reports. (2-5-16)
Retailers Cashing In As Powerball Ticket Sales SoarRetailers across the country are seeing an uptick in sales thanks to a swelling Powerball jackpot. Emily Turner reports. (1/12/16)
Union Square Merchants Try To Get Homeless Away From StorefrontsSan Francisco’s Union Square merchants are taking a new approach this holiday season to stop the homeless from hanging around their stores. Mark Kelly reports.
Crab Fishermen Hit Hard As Commercial Dungeness Season Is DelayedLate Friday afternoon state officials delayed the start of commercial Dungeness crab season after finding high levels of domoic acid in sample crab. Don Ford reports from Half Moon Bay where both sport and commercial crab fishermen fear the worst -- a lost season. (11-6-15)
Proposed Marijuana Dispensary Draws Opposition From Fisherman's Wharf BusinessesA proposed medical marijuana dispensary on Taylor St., which is expected to come before the Planning Commission for approval next month, has drawn opposition from members of the Fisherman's Wharf business community. Da Lin reports. (11-6-15)
Mendocino County Chef Giving Away Popular Bistro To Person Who Writes Best EssayA chef in Mendocino County is giving away his popular bistro. Mike Sugarman found out that if you want it, you'll have to choose your words carefully.
ConsumerWatch: Your Rights When Your Mechanic Wants You To Pay For Unfinished RepairsImagine taking your car into the shop for a diagnostic. They take it apart but can't fix it. Then they want to charge you to put it back together. Julie Watts on the Consumer Watch says that's just what happened to one car owner and she tells you about your rights if the same thing happens to you. (7-3-15)

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