Oakland Teachers Use 'Art Build' For Protest Materials Ahead Of Potential Strike
On Sunday, the Oakland Education Association called for a strike authorization vote from its members. This is the latest step in a showdown between the Oakland School District and its workers, and it looks more and more like the district is headed for a strike. John Ramos reports. (1-20-2019)

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Oakland Teachers Protest Underinvestment in EducationHundreds Oakland educators joined a march and rally for higher pay, smaller class sizes and more resources for students on Friday. Emily Turner reports. (1-18-19)
Vote Will Decide Whether Marin's Dixie School District Changes Its NameCommunity members submitted petitions to force a vote on a name change for the Dixie School District in Marin County on Tuesday. Melissa Caen tells us, trustees will vote in 40 days.
Historic Scheller House Moved to New Location Across SJSU CampusBuilt in 1904, the Scheller House at San Jose State University was towed slowly along San Fernando Street toward its new location across campus. Devin Fehely reports. (1-12-19)
Stanford University Moves to Reduce Dangerous Student Drinking on CampusStanford University is taking action to curb what it considers dangerously high rates of alcohol consumption on campus. Andrea Nakano reports. (1-11-19)
Oakland School District Officials Grapple With Budget Shortfall, Declining EnrollmentFaced with a multimillion-dollar budget shortfall and a steadily falling student enrollment, Oakland Unified School District officials are scrambling to identify up to 24 schools that may have to be closed over the next five years. Da Lin reports. (1-10-19)
Michelle Obama Speaks to Youth Leaders in South BayMichelle Obama had an intimate discussion with about 30 youth leaders in South San Jose Friday afternoon, returning to the organization where she got her start in the nonprofit world 25 years ago. Len Ramirez reports. (12-14-18)

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