Whale watchers are having amazing encounters with humpbacks and calves in Monterey Bay. Betty Yu explains why this a perfect time to see them.

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Whale Watchers Can Marvel At Humpbacks, Calves Feeding In Monterey BayWhale watchers are having amazing encounters with humpbacks and calves in Monterey Bay. Betty Yu explains why this a perfect time to see them.
Crews Fire: 5,400 Acres Scorched Near Gilroy, 20% ContainedFirefighters are still trying to battle back the Crews Fire burning near Gilroy, which has scorched more than 5,000 acres as of Tuesday morning. Kiet Do reports. (7/7/20)
Bay Area Sees Spring Boom in Rattlesnake BirthsIf you think you’ve seen more snakes lately, it's probably not your imagination. Wildlife experts say it's going to be a good (bad?) year for rattlers. Don Ford reports. (6-8-20)
Lake Tahoe Reopens to Local BoatersAs Memorial Day weekend approaches, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency began a phased approach to allow boats with “Tahoe Only” stickers back on the lake. Kristen Simoes reports. (5-16-20)
Bay Area Beekeepers Wary as 'Murder Hornets' Arrive in U.S.KPIX 5's Don Ford talks with a local beekeeper who explains what's at risk if the so-called murder hornet spreads from Washington state to California. (5-7-20)
Northern California Ends Wet Season Abnormally DryThe final Sierra snowpack measurement of the season shows what water managers feared: this winter was a bust. Don Ford reports. (4-30-20)
Bay Area Gas Prices Drastically Drop During Coronavirus Shelter-In-PlaceAs the Bay Area remains under a shelter-in-place due to the coronavirus pandemic, those who are driving are paying prices that haven't been seen in years. (4/23/20)
Benicia Tells Couple Picking Up Trash On Roadway To Stop During Shelter In PlaceThe city of Benicia says a couple picking up trash on the side of the road is setting a bad example during the COVID-19 shelter in place. John Ramos talked to the couple, and to the city.
Norcal Man Creates Delightfully Nutty Squirrel Tables During COVID-19 Stay Home OrderA Rocklin man is trying to spread joy to his neighbors and help out wildlife at the same time during the COVID-19 stay at home order. Dina Kupfer shows us his delightfully nutty squirrel tables.
Spruce Up Your Yard With Online Landscaping & Design Service YardzenCo-founders Allison and Adam Mesner talk about their new online landscaping and design service, Yardzen.
SF Supervisor: Close Great Highway To Cars During Coronavirus Shelter-In-PlaceA San Francisco supervisor wants to keep cars off the Great Highway during the ongoing shelter-in-place order to encourage social distancing among joggers, walkers and cyclists. (4/9/20)
Monterey Bay Aquarium Offers Live Views Of Wildlife Amid OutbreakThe Monterey Bay Aquarium is closed until at least March 27th due to the coronavirus outbreak, but that's not stopping it from getting creative to entertain guests online. (3/17/20)
Measure D is Focus of Fight Over Public Space in Marin CountyWhat was once a golf course is now the property of the Trust for Public Land but a lot of people are still unhappy about how that happened. KPIX 5's Wilson Walker on the fight over Measure "D" (2-28-20)
Companies Sued Over Plastic Pollution By Berkeley GroupA Berkeley-based environmental group has sued several major companies in an attempt to curb pollution by plastics. (2/27/20)
Conservationists At Odds Over Plan To Drop Poison Pellets On Farallones Islands To Kill MiceA plan by federal wildlife officials to drop poison pellets on the Farallones Island to kill invasive mice has pitted conservation groups against each other. John Ramos talked to both sides.
McClymonds High Students, Parents Left in Limbo After Toxic Groundwater Forces School ClosureThe billboard at McClymonds High School says the campus is closed through Friday but it could be without students a lot longer according to the Oakland Unified School District after the discovery of a carcinogen in the groundwater. Andria Borba reports. (2-21-20)
Many California Retailers Flout Bottle, Can Recycling LawIf you paid a deposit for recycling bottles and cans, you're supposed to get your money back. It's part of California's 33-year-old bottle bill. But don't expect smooth sailing because many retailers are flouting the law. Andrea Nakano reports. (2-13-20)
San Jose Residents Say They Waited Months to Be Notified of Tainted Well WaterThe San Jose Water Company says its wells have not been in service since October when tests confirmed the presence of a type of acid that exceeded state action levels. Len Ramirez reports. (2-13-20)
Oakland Zoo Cuts Sale of Plastics, Exhibits Recycled-Plastics Animal SculpturesThe Oakland Zoo announced Thursday that it is the latest Bay Area institution to stop selling beverages in plastic bottles. Don Ford reports. (2-13-20)
PG&E Free-Power Offer Opposed Over Connections to Aging Nuclear ReactorPG&E is offering Alameda County's community energy program $11 million of carbon-free power at no charge but many say it should be refused because the electricity originates at the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant. John Ramos reports. (2-13-20)
Cyclists Call For Bike Barrier Along San Francisco's EmbarcaderoBicyclists in San Francisco are calling for a plan to improve road safety by having a barrier separating bicycles and cars along the entire length of the Embarcadero. Jackie Ward reports. (2/11/19)
Millions Of Migrating Ducks, Geese, Cranes Blanket Central ValleyMillions of ducks, geese and cranes are blanketing Central Valley. As Emily Turner explains, it's a stop along the Pacific Flyway, a 4,000 mile super highway from the Arctic to South America.
Couple Sells Land in Santa Cruz Mountains to Save the Redwoods LeagueIn an effort to protect California's redwoods, a San Francisco conservation group has entered an agreement to purchase 500-plus acres in the Santa Cruz Mountains from owners Larry and Bronia Holmes. Kiet Do reports. (1-30-20)
SF PUC Approves $9.7 Million Purchase of Ranchland Near SunolThe purchase of the Wool Ranch in the Alameda Creek watershed above the Calaveras Reservoir represents the largest property acquisition carried out solely by the SFPUC in decades. Don Ford reports. (1-30-20)

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