Santa Clara County ranchers and farmers fear the worst as the region descends deeper into a severe drought. Len Ramirez reports. (5-6-21)

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South Bay Farms, Ranches Grapple With Worsening DroughtSanta Clara County ranchers and farmers fear the worst as the region descends deeper into a severe drought. Len Ramirez reports. (5-6-21)
CA Lawmaker Proposes Bill To Enforce CRV Refund LawsA year after KPIX first exposed problems with California's CRV Refund recycling program the situation has gotten worse. Maria Medina tells us about a bill that aims to fix it.
In the Shadow of Mount Diablo, Communities Brace for Wildfire SeasonThe first weekend in May marks the beginning of a statewide Wildfire Awareness Week -- a reminder that fire season isn’t what is used to be in the Golden State. John Ramos reports. (5-2-21)
Cal Fire Faces Staffing ShortageWith wildfires already burning around the state there's concern Cal Fire does not have the personnel needed for the upcoming fire season. Renee Santos reports. (4-30-21)
South Bay Officials Draw on Distant Water Reserves as Drought DeepensQuestions Bay Area water districts are facing: how much water do they have stored up for the dry days ahead and what's their longterm plan for increasing storage? Len Ramirez reports. (4-29-21)
Most of Bay Area Under Extreme Drought ConditionsTeam coverage from Juliette Goodrich and Wilson Walker in the East Bay. (4-29-21)
Santa Clara County Residents Asked To Voluntarily Conserve WaterThe Santa Clara County Water District is asking ratepayers to slash their water usage before drought conditions worsen. Maria Medina has details on ways residents can voluntarily conserve water.
Recent Bay Area Whale Deaths Concern ScientistsFive whales have been found dead in and around San Francisco Bay over the last month, raising the concern of scientists. Most of the animals have died after colliding with ships. John Ramos reports. (4/26/21) 
Low Water at Lake Sonoma Points to Potentially Devastating DroughtSonoma County is expected to proclaim a drought emergency after another dry winter. Da Lin reports from Lake Sonoma. (4-25-21)
UC Researcher Proposes Covering California Aqueduct With Solar PanelsA UC researcher says covering thousands of miles of California canals with solar panels would prevent evaporation losses and create gigawatts of energy. Velena Jones reports. (4-24-21)
Red Carpet Green Dress Showcases Sustainable Fashion at Academy AwardsExperts say the fashion industry is a major cause of pollution and, with all eyes on the Oscars red carpet Sunday, one organization is showcasing "conscious fashion." Danya Bacchus reports. (4-24-21)
Newsom Attends Hwy 1 Reopening; Proposes Fracking BanThe governor was in Monterey County Friday for the reopening of Highway 1 near Big Sur; He also proposed to ban new fracking projects. Brian Hackney reports. (4-23-21)
Rising Sea Level Threatens Stinson Beach NeighborhoodsThe U.S. Geological Survey predicts that by 2100 the ocean could rise as much as seven feet, putting some 600,000 homes at risk of flooding. Many of them are in Marin County. Kenny Choi reports. (4-22-21)
Berkeley Residents Cheer Flight Plan Change That Reduces Jet NoiseThe skies above Berkeley will be a lot friendlier for people below after the FAA dropped a plan to reroute air traffic over certain neighborhoods. Wilson Walker reports. (4-22-21)
Utilities Push to Cut Subsidies for Home Solar Energy SystemsHomeowners with solar panels get paid by PG&E for energy they kick back into the grid but utility companies are pushing to cut credits for home solar installations. Kenny Choi reports. (4-22-21)
Raw Video: Gov. Newsom Declares Drought Emergency In Sonoma, Mendocino CountiesGov. Gavin Newsom has declared a regional drought emergency for the Russian River watershed in Mendocino and Sonoma counties in response to the dry conditions affecting much of the state. (4/21/21)
Eye On Earth: Opposition Mounts Against Plan To Drill For Natural Gas In Suisun MarshEnvironmentalists aren't the only ones against a plan to drill for natural gas in the middle of the Suisun Marsh the largest marshland on the West Coast. Allen Martin tells us more about this natural habitat for migratory birds, fish and wildlife
San Jose May Raise Illegal Dumping Fines To $10,000 Per OffenseA member of the San Jose City Council is calling for a sharp rise in illegal dumping fines to respond to a growing problem throughout the city. Len Ramirez reports. (4/19/21)
Study: Cancer Plaguing California Sea Lions Caused By STD, Worsened By HumansFor decades, sea lions along the West Coast have been plagued by a lethal form of cancer. John Ramos tells new research reveals a STD causes the disease, and humans have made it worse.
Team Coverage: Mostly Dry Winter Fuels Worry About Upcoming Bay Area Wildfire SeasonAfter a record 2020 wildfire season and a winter where rainfall was far below average, concerns are being raised about the upcoming fire season. Wilson Walker and Kenny Choi report. (3/31/21)
Coastside Cleanup Group Says Pandemic PPE Is Choking BeachesMasks and gloves may be saving lives on land but they're also bringing death to wildlife in and around our oceans. Maria Medina reports. (3-25-21)
Sonoma County Winery Sets Aside Vineyard as Monarch Butterfly HabitatThe Jordan Winery in Sonoma County is dedicating eight acres of land to help the endangered monarch butterfly population. Don Ford reports. (3-12-21)
SF Startup's 10-Minute Battery Swapping Stations Could Revolutionize Market For EVsA San Francisco startup is offering a way to recharge electric vehicles in just 10 minutes. John Ramos tells us it could revolutionize the market for EVs.
Study Shows Wildfire Smoke Much More Harmful Than Auto PollutionIt's been 6 months since Bay Area skies turned orange from smoke from surrounding wildfires. A study suggests that smoke could be even more hazardous than we thought. Da Lin reports. (3-5-21)

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