Coastside Homeowners Fear Losing Property to Policies to Address Sea Level Rise
Cities up and down the California coast are grappling with a looming crisis:  How to deal with rising sea levels. Susie Steimle reports. (5-23-19)

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Coastside Homeowners Fear Losing Property to Policies to Address Sea Level RiseCities up and down the California coast are grappling with a looming crisis:  How to deal with rising sea levels. Susie Steimle reports. (5-23-19)
Anchor Out Boats May Be Damaging Vital Eel Grass On Bottom Of BayIllegally anchored boats in parts of the San Francisco Bay may be doing environmental damage. Don Ford tells about a study that says they are scraping vital eel grass from the bottom of the bay.
Attorney For Camp Fire Victims Says PG&E May Soon Face Criminal ChargesAn attorney representing around 2000 Camp Fire victims wasn't surprised to hear about Cal Fire's investigation into PG&E. He believes criminal charges may be filed against the utility. Andrea Nakano reports. (5-15-2019)
Menlo Park City Council Votes On Redwood Tree RemovalThe city of Menlo Park is deciding Tuesday evening whether or not to chop down 7 large redwood trees that are standing in the way of building repairs. Activists still have hope that the trees will be saved. Wilson Walker reports. (5-14-2019)
Whistleblowers Claim Bay Area Air Quality Management District Improperly Disposed Of RecordsThe agency in charge of protecting the air in the Bay Area has long been criticized by local activists for protecting polluters instead. Now, two former employees say they believe they have new evidence to support that accusation. Juliette Goodrich reports. (5-12-2019)
East Bay Homeowners Clear Dead Vegetation Ahead Of Fire SeasonHomeowners in San Ramon have until May 31 to clear overgrown vegetation to mitigate fire danger, or they could face fees in the form of a lien. Da Lin reports. (5-11-2019)
Sonoma Wine Producers Commit to Sustainable ProductionSonoma County has some of the most prized wine-growing areas in the world. As Betty Yu reports, winemakers there are ditching decades-old practices for new, sustainable ways to produce those famous bottles of wine. (5-9-19)
Newsom Visiting East Bay To Discuss Wildfire PreventionGov. Gavin Newsom is expected to meet with East Bay officials on Tuesday to discuss ways to prevent wildfires in urban areas. Jackie Ward reports. (4/23/19)
PG&E Pushes To Raise Ratepayers' BillsPG&E says it is asking state regulators for another increase in rates and profits. The funds would cover wildfire safety and attract investment as the utility goes through bankruptcy. Betty Yu reports. (4-22-2019)

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New York, Los Angeles Inspire Change On 49th Earth DayMonday marked the 49th Earth Day, prompting people all around the globe to pitch in to help clean up the environment and make the world a better place. CBS News reporter Joy Benedict is in Los Angeles to give us a look into how devoted Americans are "going green." (4-22-2019)
Activists Fight To Save Redwood Trees In Downtown Menlo ParkA group of seven redwood trees is in danger in Menlo Park. They're 8 stories tall and have stood for nearly 40 years, but the Menlo Park City Council will soon decide their fate. Kiet Do reports. (4-21-2019)
Stolen E-Scooters in San Jose Being Dumped Into Guadalupe RiverA San Jose man said Thursday he has pulled nearly two dozen electric scooters from the Guadalupe River in just two days. Maria Medina reports. (4-18-19)
Experts Issue Dire Warning on Ocean Health at SF Climate SummitScientists met at an ocean summit in San Francisco Thursday morning to discuss the effects of climate change on marine habitats in the region. John Ramos reports. (4-18-19)
As Foreign Countries Refuse Amreica's Trash, Bay Area Recycling Center Scrambles To AdaptNow that China stopped taking most recycling from other countries, Bay Area cities are scrambling to find places to send our trash. John Ramos talked to the SF Recology.
North Bay Jolted By 4.2 Earthquake Near GeysersA 4.2 magnitude earthquake centered near the Geysers jolted North Bay residents awake early Monday morning. (4/15/19)
Dire Prediction For PG&E Rates If California Wildfires PersistAn advisor to Gov. Gavin Newsom predicts PG&E bills could skyrocket if California continues to have devastating wildfires. Christin Ayers reports. (4/11/19)
San Francisco's Emergency Plan For Poor Air, Extreme Heat Could Cancel Outdoor EventsSan Francisco is formulating an emergency plan for days with extremely poor air quality and extreme heat with assistance from the Department of Public Health. The plan could cancel outdoor events, such as farmer's markets, when conditions call for it. John Ramos reports. (4-7-2019)
EPA Settles With Tesla Over Hazardous Waste Violations At Fremont FactoryTesla will pay a fine as part of a settlement with the Environmental Protection Agency over hazardous waste violations at its factory in Fremont. (4/2/19)
Seal Pup Loses Its Way During Pupping Season At Pacifica BeachIt's pupping season for elephant seals in Northern California and sometimes the young ones get lost. Betty Yu shows us a rescue in Pacifica that began with at timely phone call.
'Silver Digger' Bees Return to San Francisco PresidioA restoration effort is paying off in San Francisco. Scientists were surprised to find a type of bee that has not been seen in the city for decades. Don Ford reports. (3-29-19)
Mill Valley May Crack Down On Home Landscaping To Prevent WildfiresMill Valley is tucked on a hillside, surrounded by nature and hasn't burned in nearly a century, but new wildfire prevention rules could mean more work for homeowners. Wilson Walker reports. (3-27-2019)
Environmentalists Working With Loggers To Preserve Santa Cruz Redwood ForestEnvironmentalists are working with loggers to preserve forests in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Kiet Do reports on a multi-million dollar deal to protect this land forever.
Water Vs. Wine: Environmental Hearing Could Decide Wine Growth In NapaA hearing in Napa has sides debating a proposed set of environmental rules that could stop the growth of the wine industry in the region. John Ramos reports. (3-26-2019)
Crews Clear Out Ukiah Forest To Prevent Future WildfiresIn one of the largest emergency forest projects underway in California, crews are thinning two sections of forest on both sides of Ukiah. Wilson Walker reports. (3-25-2019)
Discover The Cool Bugs That Will Be Insect Palooza With Norman Gerschenz Of SaveNature.OrgNorman Gerschenz, CEO and co-founder of and Director of the Insect Discovery Lab brings some really cool bugs to the set for Michelle Griego to see - and even hold. They are just a few of the critters that'll be at Insect Palooza in SF on March 9 at Umpqua Bank.
Bay Area Students Join Worldwide Strike to Demand Climate ActionThousands of Bay Area students joined a global youth strike on Friday to demand leaders take action on climate change. Wilson Walker reports. (3-15-19)
Tesla Walks Back Plan To Close Most ShowroomsAfter Tesla announced last week it would close most of its showrooms to help bring costs down on their long-awaited Model 3 sedan, the maker of electric cars is reversing course. Anne Makovec reports. (3/11/19)
East Bay Fire Districts Propose Critical 14-Mile Fire-Break To Protect 500K+ ResidentsIf the fire prevention project is approved for state funding, the fire break would protect 30 East Bay communities and more than half a million people from potential fire danger. Katie Nielsen reports. (3-10-2019)
Thanks to Climate Change, Wet Winters No Match for Drier California SummersIf the emerald-green hills around Northern California have you thinking recent rains have put a damper on the fire danger next summer, you'd be wrong. Wilson Walker reports. (3-8-19)

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