Alameda now has the highest county sales tax in California and angry taxpayers are suing because the vote was so close. Wilson Walker reports. (7-1-21)

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Alameda County Hikes Sales Tax to Highest in StateAlameda now has the highest county sales tax in California and angry taxpayers are suing because the vote was so close. Wilson Walker reports. (7-1-21)
U.S. Senate Democrats Pass Biden's $1.9 Billion COVID Relief BillAn exhausted Senate has narrowly approved a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill without a single Republican vote. (3-6-21)
California Prop 19 Means Different Things to Different HomeownersOn the ballot this year is a proposition that says it will help wildfire victims and change state property tax policy. Susie Steimle reports. (10-23-20)
Charities See Donations Dropoff Due to New Tax LawWhere have all the donors gone? Tax experts say a big incentive to give just isn't there anymore. Emily Turner reports. (12-26-19)
Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority to Be Funded by Parcel TaxNext March, Marin County property owners will vote on a new parcel tax to fund wildfire prevention efforts, an issue that has been on the minds of residents. John Ramos reports. (11-7-19)
Small Donations to Non-Profit Organizations Fall OffPres. Trump's tax law appears to be shaking up the flow of money to charities. New numbers show that small donations to non-profits have dropped since the new law kicked in. Melissa Caen reports. (3-1-19)
ConsumerWatch: Tax RefundsThe IRS is urging people not to draw conclusions from the weekly data on tax refunds -- the numbers will continue to fluctuate week-to-week. Bottom line: there are so many changes it's going to impact everyone differently. Julie Watts explains. (2-28-19)
California Lawmakers Pass Ban on Local Soda TaxesCalifornia lawmakers passed a bill to ban local taxes on soda for the next 12 years Thursday and sent it to Gov. Jerry Brown. As Melissa Caen reports, Bay Area legislators say it was a brazen power play by the industry. (6-28-18)
Supreme Court Rules States Can Force Online Shoppers to Pay Sales TaxConsumers can expect to see sales tax charged on more online purchases — likely over the next year and potentially before the Christmas shopping season — as states and retailers react to the court's decision. Len Ramirez reports. (6-21-18)
ConsumerWatch: Tax Season Brings Out ScammersSpring is a busy time for tax professionals -- and for scammers. Julie Watts reports. (3-30-18)
At Issue: Tax Relief for CaliforniansCalifornia lawmakers are considering a new plan aimed at helping residents facing higher federal tax bills. State senator Jerry Hill discusses the issue with Phil Matier. (1-7-18)
As Legal Marijuana Sales Begin, Complaints Over High Taxes Grow LouderOne of the big selling points for legalizing marijuana was all the money it would bring in. But has the state overdone it with taxes? Melissa Caen reports. (1-1-18)
At Issue: Congress Passes Major Tax BillPhil Matier talks with Congressman Mark DeSaulnier (D-Calif.) about the new tax law. how it got passed and what's ahead. (12-24-17)
Californians Rush 2017 Property Tax Payments to Claim DeductionThe County of San Francisco is seeing a 10 percent increase in homeowners paying their second property tax installment this month instead of waiting until April. Melissa Caen reports. (12-21-17)
California Lawmakers Weigh Options to Soften Federal Tax Bill ImpactA strict limit on state and local tax deductions will hit many Californians hard. Melissa Caen found out that state legislators are looking at some maneuvers which could soften the blow. (12-15-17)
Apple Gets Huge Windfall in GOP Tax PlansThe Republican tax plan which would lower corporate tax rate could mean Apple Inc might save as much as $47 billion. Kiet Do reports. (12-7-17)
At Issue: GOP Tax Plan and CaliforniaWhat would the proposed tax plans making their way through Congress mean for Californians? Phil Matier asks U.S. Rep. Mark DeSaulnier (D-Calif.) for his analysis. (12-3-17)
Senate Narrowly Passes GOP Tax Bill After Long Day of DealmakingRepublicans pushed a nearly $1.5 trillion tax bill through the Senate early Saturday after burst of eleventh-hour horse trading. Ken Bastida and Veronica De La Cruz report. (12-1-17)
Talking Politics: Franken Fallout / Taxing CaliforniansPhil Matier, Melissa Caen and former state assembly speaker and S.F. mayor Willie Brown tackle two of the hottest topics in politics. (11-19-17)
At Issue: Tax Reform and CaliforniaPhil Matier talks with U.S. Rep. Mark DeSaulnier (D-Calif.) who believes the proposed GOP tax plans spell bad news for most Californians. (11-12-17)
Top Democrats Blame California Republicans for End of Local Tax Deductions in Proposed BillNancy Pelosi and Barbara Lee held an event in San Francisco to say California Republicans who support ending state-and-local tax deductions are "selling their constituents up the river." Melissa Caen reports. (11-10-17)
Tax Break for Teachers Goes on the Chopping Block in D.C.The proposed Republican tax reform plan would eliminate a deduction of $250 for school supplies. Melissa Caen reports. (11-3-17)
Proposed GOP Tax Plan Could Wallop Bay Area Home BuyersBay Area home buyers would face an extra financial hit if the Republican tax reform proposal becomes law. Kiet Do reports. (11-2-17)
ConsumerWatch: Evaluating the Trump Tax PlanConsumer reporter Julie Watts takes a look at the president's tax proposal released last week to see how it impacts a typical taxpayer. (4-30-17)

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