California is now the first state to top 3 million cases and public health specialists are raising a red flag about another variant of the coronavirus now circulating in the Bay Area. Elizabeth Cook reports. (1-18-21)

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Spreading New Strain of Coronavirus Worries Bay Area Health OfficialsCalifornia is now the first state to top 3 million cases and public health specialists are raising a red flag about another variant of the coronavirus now circulating in the Bay Area. Elizabeth Cook reports. (1-18-21)
Hospitals Begin Vaccinating California Health Care Workers for COVID-19The first Californians are getting vaccinated for COVID-19. Ken Bastida reports on the tricky logistics involved. (12-14-20)
Door-to-Door COVID-19 Tests Show Promise in Santa Clara CountyEarly feedback from Santa Clara County’s door-to-door coronavirus testing has been encouraging, according to public health officials. Kiet Do reports. (12-14-20)
First Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine Administered to Health Workers in San FranciscoMore than 33,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine are being administered or stored at 4 hospitals in California including San Francisco. Andria Borba reports. (12-14-20)
Hospital ICU Capacity Likely to Drop as Holiday Infection Rate ClimbsOf the nearly 10,000 patients in the hospital right now nearly a quarter of them are in intensive care. ICU capacity is what's driving the whole conversation right now. Wilson Walker reports from San Jose. (12-5-20)
COVID-19 Purple Tier: Curfew In Effect In Most Bay Area CountiesA curfew is in effect for most Bay Area counties now in the Purple Tier. Joe Vazquez reports Governor Newsom is warning a statewide lockdown could be on the horizon.
Point Richmond Businesses Fear Domino-Effect Following Starbucks Impending ClosureThe same neighbors who fought to keep a Starbucks from setting up shop in Point Richmond years ago are fighting now even harder to keep it from shutting down. Da Lin reports. (11-22-20)
Public Health Officials Urge People to Get Tested as Virus Cases SpikeThe state hit a new daily record for coronavirus testing ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. KPIX 5's Devin Fehely reports on the importance of getting swabbed. (11-22-20)
Private Jet Companies Lure More Passengers During PandemicGetting away isn't quite as easy during the pandemic. Betty Yu tells us, more travelers are turning to private jets.
Doctor Provides Tips for Staying Healthy During Heat WaveDr. William Mills, an ER doctor with John Muir Medical Center in Concord worries about heat exhaustion and heat stroke for those spending hours in the blistering sun. Andria Borba reports. (8-14-20)
San Mateo County Health Officer Criticizes State COVID-19 ResponseMaria Medina reports on the Health Officer for San Mateo County issuing a scathing criticism of California’s current COVID-19 watch list and policy for closing businesses. (8-6-20)
California’s High Unemployment Rate Signals More COVID-19-Related HardshipsLen Ramirez reports on some Californians who have lost their jobs that appear to be losing some hope of ever being called back to that work. (8-6-20)
San Francisco Doctor Researches Impact of Toxic Dump on Hunter’s PointSharon Chin reports on the research of Dr. Ahimsa Porter Sumchia, who's discovered elevated levels of arsenic in Hunter's Point residents. (7-29-20)
Coronavirus Quarantine Unleashes Vivid Dreams for ManyIf you have experienced any strange -- even nightmarish -- dreams having to do with the coronavirus pandemic, you are not alone. (4-23-20)
Currys Buy Meals For 1000s Of Oakland Kids During COVID-19 School ClosuresSteph and Ayesya Curry have stepped up to help the thousands of Oakland kids affected by school closures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus..
Southbay Costco Sells Out Of Water, Toilet Paper As Fears Over Coronavirus MountCBS Weekend News
Coronavirus Concerns Prompt SFO To Screen Some Travelers From ChinaA new strand of coronavirus has now infected at least 218 people across Asia. Now, San Francisco International Airport is screening some passengers arriving from Wuhan, China. Kiet Do reports. (1-20-2020)
World Health Organization Says Video Game Addiction Is A Now A DisorderVideo game consoles were a hot gift this past Christmas, but they come with a serious warning about video game addiction. The World Health Organization is calling it a "gaming disorder."(1-1-2020)
Is Your Food Safe? USDA Gives Power Outage Fridge TipsThe USDA has been monitoring the PG&E power outages and knew people might try to salvage questionable food left in their warm fridges. A USDA official gave tips for when to toss out food. Kiet Do reports. (10-29-2019)
How To Stay Healthy As Wildfires Send Layer Of Smoky Air Across Bay AreaThe Kincade fire has send a large plume of smoke into the sky, and much of it is blowing into the Bay Area. Devin Fehely tells us how to stay safe as we are forced to breathe all of this unhealthy air.
Gov. Wants Last-Minute Changes On Measure That Would Tighten CA Vaccination LawsA bill that would tighten California's vaccination laws is inching closer to the Governor's desk. He has indicated he will sign it, but Melissa Caen reports, he has some last-minute requests that could slow it down.
'It's Not Intended For Them'; Juul CEO Apologizes To Parents During Plant TourWeeks after San Francisco banned e-cigarette sales, the CEO of Bay Area-based Juul made an usual apology during a tour of the company's plant for a documentary. Betty Yu reports. (7-15-2019)
Recent San Mateo County Measles Cases Have Direct Ties To SFOCalifornia has seen the highest number of measles cases since 1993. San Mateo County has reported 4 cases of measles so far, all of which have a direct tie to San Francisco International Airport. Andrea Nakano reports. (5-11-2019)
'Power Plant Park' Could Make Richmond The Cannabis Capital Of Contra Costa CountyThe city of Richmond's planning commission recently approved the proposed 18-acre marijuana production facility. It's expected to bring hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars in revenue once it's completed. Katie Nielsen reports. (5-5-2019)

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