In 1978 Jane and Jean Ford -- twin sisters from Indiana -- landed in San Francisco with no money. A flip of a coin led them to build a billion-dollar brand of cosmetics. Elizabeth Cook reports. (8-15-19)

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San Francisco Cosmetics Business Grows Into Billion-Dollar BrandIn 1978 Jane and Jean Ford -- twin sisters from Indiana -- landed in San Francisco with no money. A flip of a coin led them to build a billion-dollar brand of cosmetics. Elizabeth Cook reports. (8-15-19)
School Year Begins Amid Rising Measles Cases; Which Vaccinations To GetAs the school year begins, many parents worry that the ongoing measles outbreak could worsen. KPIX 5 reporter Jackie Ward talks to a nurse practicioner about which vaccinations are required for children entering school. (8/14/19)
San Mateo Principal Offers New Plan To Reduce BullyingWith school beginning across the Bay Area, a principal at a school in San Mateo says reaching out to students early, along with teaching empathy, are crucial in the battle against bullying. Jackie Ward reports. (8/13/19)
Protestors Call For Equinox, Soulcycle Boycott Due To Owner's Trump TiesActivists are outraged after learning that the owner of popular fitness chains Equinox and Soulcycle is hosting a fundraiser for President Trump on Friday. Joe Vazquez reports. (8-7-2019)
Weed Killer Found in Kids at Higher Levels Than ParentsAs the EPA decides whether to re-approve the weed-killing ingredient in Roundup for another 15 years, a new report finds 90 percent of tested families have that chemical in their bodies and most kids had much more than their parents. Julie Watts reports. (7-26-19)
Bay Area Scientists Develop Low-Cost Monitor to Measure Dangerous Airborne SootBlack carbon -- commonly called soot -- pours out of trucks, trains, ships and power plants. It has been linked to premature deaths and climate change and, until recently, it has been hard to track. Andrea Nakano reports. (7-25-19)
Report: Popular Wearable Devices May Not Accurately Track Heart Rates In People Of ColorThe heart rate sensors in the most popular wearables tech, including the Apple Watch and Fitbit, might not work as well for people of color, according to a new study published by STAT. Betty Yu reports. (7-24-2019)
Meet Dr. Joan Rosenberg, Author of '90 Seconds To A Life You Love'Renowned psychologist, Dr. Joan Rosenberg talks to Bay Area Focus about her new book, "90 Seconds to a Life You Love, How to Master Your Difficult Feelings to Cultivate Lasting Confidence, Resilience and Authenticity."
'Because' Delivers Convenient Direct-To-Consumer Adult Diapers To Your DoorstepLuca Gulco, founder of 'Because' talks to Bay Area Focus about this new, convenient, direct-to-consumer adult diaper.

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Elon Musk Developing AI-Connected Brain Implant To 'Secure Humanity's Future'Tesla CEO Elon Musk is developing an AI-connected brain implant device that may help quadriplegics, cancer patients and stroke victims who suffer from memory loss or lack of motor function. Maria Medina reports. (7-17-2019)
SMART Board Meeting Packed As Agency Discusses Recent Deaths On TracksSMART Train officials met Wednesday to find a way to end the spate of pedestrian-related deaths, many of which came in the past month. John Ramos reports. (7-17-2019)
Firefighters At Tubbs Fire Risked Exposure To Dangerous ToxinsFirefighters who fought the Tubbs Fire may have been exposed to dangerous toxins. Wilson Walker reports on what early tests show.
SoCal Quakes Remind Bay Area Residents To Be PreparedHow prepared would you be if the Big One hit? Betty Yu tells us what you need to stay safe.
California Offers Medical Assisted Treatment (MAT) To Combat Opioid AddictionMarlies Perez from the CA Dept.of Health Care Services talks to Bay Area Focus host Michelle Griego about a new program called MAT, which provides prevention, treatment and recovery services to help patients struggling with opioid addiction.
Deaths at California Rehab Centers Prompt Push for ReformAs a public safety advocate, Wendy McEntyre has been doing the work the state of California has failed to do for more than a decade. Susie Steimle reports. (6-27-19)
KPIX 5 Original Report: Hidden Risks Of RehabRehab is expensive and often risky. KPIX has learned hundreds of patients are dying in detox. Susie Steimle shows us the hidden risks of rehab.
New Rules Hit Medicinal Pot Users High Prices, Limited ProductsIn an odd twist, the new laws that govern recreational pot use is hurting people who need marijuana to survive. John Ramos talked to a medical cannabis store owner and a patient in Marin.
East Bay School District Bans Chemical Found In Roundup Weed KillerThe Mount Diablo Unified School District voted unanimously to ban the active ingredient found in the Roundup weed killer from school property Monday evening. Betty Yu reports. (6-24-2019)
Proposed Vaccine Law Would Tighten Rules On ExemptionsA bill that would tighten California's vaccine law just cleared a key committee in Sacramento. As Melissa Caen reports, the measure has provoked strongly held views on both sides.
Plasma Shortage Keeps Bay Area Woman from Receiving Essential TreatmentLisa Korstand, a chemotherapy patient in San Jose, says a widespread drop-off in blood donations is preventing her from receiving life-saving treatment. Mark Sayre reports. (6-20-19)
San Francisco Program Treats Opioid Addiction With CannabisOn average, 130 Americans die every day of an opioid overdose. An innovative San Francisco program aims to treat the addiction using marijuana. Sharon Chin reports. (6-20-19)
San Francisco Considers Banning All E-Cigarette Sales CitywideThe San Francisco Board of Supervisors is expected to consider a measure banning sales of all electronic cigarettes citywide. (6/18/19)
Kaiser's New National Headquarters Will Be Oakland's Biggest Skyscraper YetKaiser Permanente is building a new national headquarters in Oakland's Uptown neighborhood. Wilson Walker talked to Oakland city officials and residents who says they consider the new Thrive Center as a boon for the city.
Democratic Leaders Shine Spotlight on Health CareBay Area congresswoman Jackie Speier along with Rep. Mike Thompson and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took aim at Pres. Trump on Saturday while promoting their health care agenda. Melissa Caen reports. (6-15-19)
Is Your Sunscreen Safe? Toxicity Expert Offers Tips On What To Avoid This SummerWith the summertime activities upon us, the use of sunscreen is always a smart recommendation to help ward of skin cancer. However, consumers are also being urged to learn more about what's in their sunscreen and its shelf-life. Reporter Emily Turner interviews environmental toxicity specialist Tonya Harris.
East Bay Clinic's Unapproved Stem Cell Therapies, Marketing Practices Drawing ScrutinyA growing number of elderly and disabled Americans are looking for relief from pain in the promising new field of stem cell therapy. But many clinics are offering therapies that have not yet been shown to be safe or effective. Susie Steimle reports. (6/11/19)
Summer Wellness Trends With Lifestyle Guru Heather SmithLifestyle guru Heather Smith stopped by the studio to share some of the latest healthy snack and wellness trends with Bay Area Focus host Michelle Griego. Learn more on her website,
Oakland Councilmember Says Mushroom Move Will Help City's Other IssuesOakland city leaders have voted to decriminalize hallucinogenic mushrooms. Melissa Caen reports on why one city councilmember says the move will help Oakland tackle other serious issues. (6-5-2019)
Meet Daniel Miller, Author Of 'Gifts Of Acceptance'Author Daniel Miller talks to host Michelle Griego about his latest book, 'Gifts of Acceptance, Embracing People and Things as They Are.'

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