VR Technology Lets Patient, Surgeon Explore Brain Tumor in 3-D
Imagine flying through a virtual copy of your own brain. That's what one Livermore teenager did just before undergoing neurosurgery. Allen Martin reports. (7-6-18)

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Flu Season Turns Deadly in Bay AreaFlu season is in full swing and it's already proven to be deadly but this year's vaccine is working well and there's still time to get it. Devin Fehely reports. (1-10-19)
Worldwide Drive to Find Blood Match for 2-Year-Old Comes to San FranciscoA desperate, worldwide effort to save the life of a little girl in Florida came to San Francisco on Sunday. John Ramos reports. (1-6-2019)
CA First Responders Fight 'Frequent Flier' Abuse Of Emergency ServicesFirst responders in California are trying to tackle a crisis that impacts emergency crews across the country: "Frequent fliers" who tie up the system by calling 911 hundreds of times a year. Susie Steimle reports. (12-30-2018)
Report: SF Has High Rate of 'Food Insecurity'According to a report by the SF Public Health Department, people at high risk of "food insecurity" are families where the income is below twice the poverty level. Roughly 226,000 SF residents fit that category. Joe Vasquez reports. (12-23-2018)
Mom Impacted By Travel Ban Seeks Waiver To Visit Dying Son At Children's HospitalA Northern California family has urged the government to allow a mother from the Middle East to visit her son, who is gravely ill at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital in Oakland. (12/17/18)
Kaiser Strike Expands: Picket Lines At 7 Bay Area LocationsKaiser Permanente mental health clinicians expanded their picket lines to 14 locations in California on Wednesday, the third day of their five-day strike for more staffing and services for mental health services. Susie Steimle reports the strike is also disrupting other patient care. (12/12/18)

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