At Issue: Living With Cancer
Living with cancer -- or loved ones with cancer -- is increasingly common. Julie Watts speaks with author and illustrator Nicole Skibola, a cancer survivor herself, about Skibola's new book "Wakeful Night: A Structured Reflection on Loss and Illumination" (10-13-18)

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Talking Politics: Kavanaugh TakeawaysWas the FBI weeklong (almost) investigation a "sham?" And Is the nation really split over Brett Kavanaugh simply along party lines? KPIX 5's Phil Matier and Melissa Caen discuss those questions and more with former S.F. mayor and assembly speaker Willie Brown. (10-7-18)
ConsumerWatch Weekend: Airline Passenger RightsCongress approved airline legislation that reauthorizes the Federal Aviation Administration for five years. Julie Watts talks about what's in this legislation with Joe Rideout. (10-7-18)
Newsmaker Interview: Congresswoman Anna EshooKPIX 5's Devin Fehely sat down with the first member of Congress to learn of Christine Blasey Ford's allegations regarding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. U.S. Rep. Anna Eshoo has some concerns about the FBI investigation now underway. (10-3-18)
Talking Politics: SCOTUS Hearing HurricaneIt was a he-said, she-said for the ages as the entire nation was swept up in the drama on Capitol Hill. How did California's two senators handle the Blasey-Kavanaugh controversy? Phil Matier and Melissa Caen talk it over with former S.F. mayor and assembly speaker Willie Brown. (9-30-18)
At Issue: S.F. Construction SnafusFirst it was the tilting, sinking Millennium Tower; now it's a new engineering nightmare with cracked steel beams at the brand new Transbay Transit Center. So much for "the city that knows how." San Francisco supervisor Aaron Peskin discusses these issues with Phil Matier. (9-30-18)
Don't Miss 'On Your Feet' Based On The Music Of Gloria & Emilio EstefanNancy Ticotin talks about her role as Gloria Estefan's mom in the new smash Broadway hit, 'On Your Feet' playing at SHN Golden Gate Theatre through October 7. For tickets go to

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