California DMV Offices Closing For Half-Day In Effort To Improve Customer ServiceFacing long lines and issues over customer service, the California Department of Motor Vehicles is closing all their offices for a half-day on Wednesday to train thousands of employees. Da Lin reports. (7/24/19)
San Francisco Gas Prices Down 27 Cents / Gallon In Past MonthGas prices in San Francisco have fallen nearly five cents per gallon in the past week, continuing a downward trend over the last several weeks. (6/24/19)
Is Your Sunscreen Safe? Toxicity Expert Offers Tips On What To Avoid This SummerWith the summertime activities upon us, the use of sunscreen is always a smart recommendation to help ward of skin cancer. However, consumers are also being urged to learn more about what's in their sunscreen and its shelf-life. Reporter Emily Turner interviews environmental toxicity specialist Tonya Harris.
Bay Area Gas Prices Soar to Highest in NationThe Bay Area had the highest gas prices in the country last month and there's a new theory about what's behind those pumped-up prices. Betty Yu reports. (5-17-19)
SF Startup Promotes Unique Baby Formula to Health-Conscious MomsBreast milk may be best for babies but new mothers have a healthy alternative in "Bobbie," a formula created with grass-fed dairy, no artificial ingredients, GMOs, corn syrup or soy. Betty Yu reports. (5-10-19)
Proposed California Law Would Regulate Use of Smart Speaker Voice RecordingsA bill being considered by the California legislature would require users to opt in before companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple could store and use voice recordings. Melissa Caen reports. (5-4-19)
Housing Calculator Shows Many Bay Area Residents Couldn't Afford Their Own HomesA new tool puts the Bay Area's high housing prices into perspective. Andria Borba tells us it shows most people couldn't afford to buy or rent their own homes if they had to pay at today's prices.
Gov. Newsom Orders Commission To Look Into Mystery Gas SurchargeAfter a KPIX 5 report exposing a mystery surcharge hidden in California's gas prices, Gov. Gavin Newsom has ordered the state Energy Commission to get to the bottom of it. Melissa Caen reports. (4/24/19)
Feds Urge California To Ban Hands-Free Use Of Cellphones While DrivingFederal regulators are urging California to become the first state in the country to completely ban cell phones while driving, even if a driver is using a hands-free device. (4/5/19)
Going Up? Golden Gate Bridge Tolls Could Rise Toward Double DigitsOn Friday, Golden Gate Bridge officials consider hiking the toll from $7 to $9.80. Andria Borba reports. (3-21-19)
Vehicular Victims of Bay Area Potholes Have Options for ReimbursementThe rain has let up -- now the potholes have sprung up and that means teeth-jarring rides on many Bay Area roads. KPIX 5's Kiet Do is in San Jose with the lowdown for drivers when the asphalt landmines damage your car. (3-7-19)
As Recycling Centers Close, California Consumers Lose Millions in DepositsCalifornia consumers lost out on at least $308 million in nickel deposits on cans and bottles in 2018, largely because it’s increasingly difficult to find a place to recycle them, according to a new report made public Thursday. Melissa Caen reports. (2-28-19)
ConsumerWatch: Tax RefundsThe IRS is urging people not to draw conclusions from the weekly data on tax refunds -- the numbers will continue to fluctuate week-to-week. Bottom line: there are so many changes it's going to impact everyone differently. Julie Watts explains. (2-28-19)
ConsumerWatch: Energy Billing ConfusionA social media storm is swirling in the East Bay over higher energy bills. Many customers are blaming a new "green energy" supplier. Julie Watts reports. (2-8-19)
Super Bowl Advertisers Steer Clear of Hot Button IssuesFor many people the actual Super Bowl game is just a way to break up the commercials. Julie Watts takes a look at some of the early favorites for best commercial this year and some of the best (and worst) of years past. (2-3-19)
Net Neutrality Defenders Head To Federal CourtSupporters of net neutrality are heading to federal court on Friday as they continue their challenge against the FCC's decision to repeal rules put in place by the Obama administration. Kiet Do reports. (2/1/19)
State Task Force Investigating Shady Moving CompaniesMoving out of a home is a major undertaking, even when everything goes smoothly. But more and more often, unscrupulous moving companies are leading to moving nightmares. Julie Watts reports. (1-31-19)
PG&E Wants Trust Fund for Wildfire LawsuitsAn attorney for Pacific Gas & Electric Corp. said at a hearing on Thursday its goal in its bankruptcy case is to establish a trust fund to resolve all lawsuits from wildfire victims. Julie Watts reports. (1-31-19)
Lawmakers, Consumers Want State AG To Investigate California's High Gas PricesA recent report says California pays as much as thirty cents more per gallon than they should. Emily Turner reports lawmakers and consumers want the state Attorney Generall to find out why.
PG&E Officially Files For Chapter 11 BankruptcyCiting potential massive liabilities from recent wildfires, Pacific Gas & Electric Company officially filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy early Tuesday morning. Kiet Do reports. (1/29/19)
Consumer Electronics Show Wraps Up Tech Treats in Las VegasVR proponents are still dreaming big and, once again, they brought their immersive visions -- and gadgets -- to the show floor at CES 2019. (1-9-19)
Raw Video: Assemblymember Ting Introduces 'Skip The Slip' Bill On Paper ReceiptsAt a news conference on Tuesday, Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco) introduced "Skip the Slip" legislation that would eliminate paper receipts at stores, unless a customer asks for it. (1/8/19)
Longtime Customers Mourn Loss of Historic S.F. Department Store Gump's on Its Final DayFor 157 years, Gump's department store has been an institution and, for generations of San Franciscans, it was part of a beloved holiday tradition. On Sunday, the institution and the tradition came to an end. Devin Fehely reports. (12-23-2018)
Dangerous Surf To Blame For Bay Area Holiday Crab ShortageDungeness crab may not make it to Bay Area holiday dinner tables this year. As Betty Yu tells us, dangerous surf is keeping crab fisherman from going out to sea.

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