ConsumerWatch: Beware of Navigation App ShortcutsTraffic apps have a mind of their own -- and don't always take drivers on the best route. Julie Watts reports. (4-6-18)
Median San Francisco Home Price Soars to Record $1.6 MillionA new study pushes San Francisco’s median home price to a sky-high record: $1.6 million. Housing prices are up almost 24 percent compared to this time last year. Julie Watts reports. (4-5-18)
ConsumerWatch: Tax Season Brings Out ScammersSpring is a busy time for tax professionals -- and for scammers. Julie Watts reports. (3-30-18)
California Sues Sutter Health for Allegedly Over-Charging PatientsCalifornia is suing Sutter Health, accusing the hospital system of anti-competitive practices that result in higher prices for patients. Emily Turner reports. (3-30-18)
ConsumerWatch: PG&E Rolls Out New Rate PlanKPIX consumer reporter Julie Watts explains what you need to know to get the best deal. (3-30-18)
Smart Car Seat Helps Prevent Child Hot Car DeathsKPIX 5's Betty Yu reports on a high-tech car seat that will keep your kids safe even when the ride is over. (3-29-18)
Tesla Recalls Model S Sedans for Power Steering ProblemElectric car maker Tesla is recalling 123,000 sedans worldwide to fix a problem with the power-assisted steering. Maria Medina reports. (3-29-18)
S.F. Mayor Responds to Credit Union Lawsuit Over Taxi MedallionsAs KPIX reported on Wednesday, a San Francisco credit union is suing the city for $28 million for loans they made to cab drivers to buy medallions -- medallions made nearly worthless by the rise of Uber and Lyft. Wilson Walker talked with interim S.F. mayor Mark Farrell. (3-29-18)
Facebook Funds Campaign To Block Data Privacy Ballot MeasureFacebook contributed $200,000 to fight the California Consumer Privacy Act and has given millions more to legislators. Julie Watts reports. (3/28/18)
Survey: Fake Sales Abound Among Major RetailersWhen you hear or see something is on sale, you probably assume it's a limited-time deal. But it may be anything but that. Julie Watts reports. (3/28/18)
Proposed California Law Would Guarantee 'Right to Repair' Cellphones, GizmosA proposed new law would require electronics manufacturers to make parts and repair manuals available to consumers and third-party repair shops. Len Ramirez reports. (3-9-18)
Hayward Parts Ways with PG&E, Switches to 100 Percent Renewable EnergyThe city of Hayward is parting ways with PG&E and moving to more environmentally-friendly ways to produce electricity. John Ramos reports. (3-8-18)
Protesters Demand Visa Help Block Assault Weapon SalesDemonstrators assembled Thursday outside Visa headquarters in Foster City. They want the credit card company to block sales of assault weapons. Len Ramirez reports. (3-8-18)
Feds Target Cannabis Chemical CBD Despite Proven Medical BenefitThe DEA asserts all cannabis extracts - including CBD - are controlled substances and illicit. Parents of children who benefit from the drug, like Zachary hope a lawsuit filed in an SF court, will change that.
State Insurance Commissioner Investigates Complaint That Insurers Discriminate Against Gay MenCalifornia's insurance commissioner is looking into an allegation that some insurance companies are discriminating against gay men. Maria Medina reports. (2-15-18)
Tiny Homes Bring Affordable Living to DeltaPeople in the Bay Area are ditching sky-high rents for just a couple hundred square feet. Da Lin reports from Isleton. (2-15-18)
Marin County Considers Requiring Signage Outside Vacation RentalsMarin County is considering requiring a yard sign in front of homes telling everyone around that a property is a short-term rental. Emily Turner reports that some worry the signs would welcome thieves.
Man Claims Apple Airpods Blew Up In His EarJason Colon of Florida says he was wearing his Apple Airpods at the gym when they blew up.
San Jose Housing Market Soars to New HeightsSan Jose is now on track to become the hottest housing market in the country. KPIX 5's Maria Medina found out why prices are going through the roof. (2-1-18)
California Agency Still Making ID Theft Easy By Mailing Out Social Security NumbersTwo and a half years ago after a KPIX 5 investigation revealed the state was putting millions at risk for identity theft, officials promised changes. Julie Watts reports. (1/29/18)
Woman Snaps Pics Of Raw Meat Delivery In Unsanitary Carts At 99 Ranch MarketA Bay Area mom's photos of nasty conditions at a San Jose meat market are going viral. As Devin Fehely reports, now the store is doing 'damage control.'
Southern California Woman Sues Walmart to End Policy of ‘Segregating’ Beauty ProductsEssie Grundy told reporters at a news conference Friday she has filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against Walmart after having to ask for assistance to buy a 49-cent comb, which was among several products kept in a glass case though products for other races were easily available. Andria Borba reports. (1-26-18)
ConsumerWatch: 5G Cellphone Towers Signal Renewed Concerns Over Impacts on HealthWireless carriers are installing millions of towers across the country to enable the new, faster 5G cellphone technology. KPIX asks the question: Are there legitimate health concerns? Julie Watts reports. (1-25-18)
BART Board Considers Demand-Based Pricing for ParkingThere's a lot of opposition to a new parking plan floated by BART officials. The idea is to ease congestion by charging more during peak hours. Da Lin reports. (1-25-18)

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