ConsumerWatch: Western Union SettlementIt's payback time for millions of scam victims -- many of them elderly -- who were tricked into wiring money to criminals via Western Union. The FTC and several states' attorneys general have reached a settlement with Western Union that requires the company to refund $586 million to victims. Julie Watts reports. (11-17-17)
Cell Phone EMF-Blocking Products – A Real World TestFrom cell phone cases to blankets, ConsumerWatch Reporter Julie Watts put some of the most popular EMF-blocking products to the test. (11/14/17)
Hidden Credit Card Skimmer Found Inside Gilroy Gas Station PumpA spike in credit card fraud cases in Gilroy over the weekend appears to have been caused by a well-placed credit card skimming device at a gas station, police said. Maria Medina reports. (11/13/17)
San Jose Mulls Help for Drivers of Towed VehiclesLen Ramirez reports on a new push in San Jose to give drivers whose vehicles were towed a break. (11-9-17)
ConsumerWatch: Oprah Endorses Napa Valley Bakery's English MuffinsModel Bakery, in downtown St. Helena, features English muffins that Oprah Winfrey loves and that's been very good for business. Julie Watts reports. (11-3-17)
24 Hour Fitness Hit with Big Penalty; Gym Members 'Misled'If you work out at 24 Hour Fitness you may have some money coming your way. Andrea Nakano reports. (11-2-17)
ConsumerWatch: Fire Extinguisher RecallThat fire extinguisher you've got in the corner may not work in a real emergency. Consumer reporter Julie Watts on a massive recall that likely impacts the extinguisher in your home. (11-2-17)
Traveling Gold Appraiser Not Likely To Give Best Value For Your JewelryIt sounds like an easy way to make money: a traveling gold show coming through town, offering instant cash for your old jewelry. But how do they compare to local gold buyers? Julie Watts reports. (10/30/17)
Stanford Installs Vending Machines Selling ContraceptivesStanford University is taking progressive steps in handling emergency contraception. As Maria Medina tells us it is one of the first college campuses in the country to get a vending machine to dispense it.
Covered California Enrollment Begins Amid Changes From Trump AdministrationFollowing changes by the Trump administration, open enrollment begins this week for the Covered California insurance exchange. Anne Makovec reports. (10/30/17)
Some Bay Area Whole Foods Locations Targeted By HackersWhole Foods is warning customers of several Bay Area locations that they could be victims of a credit card breach involving the chain. Jessica Flores reports. (10/6/17)
AAA Study Finds Drivers Increasingly Distracted By Dashboard TechA new study by AAA finds drivers have become increasingly distracted by infotainment systems in dashboards, which have become much more sophisticated over the years. Jessica Flores reports. (10/5/17)
Better Business Bureau Warning Of Online Puppy ScammersThe Better Business Bureau is warning people about a new scam targeting animal lovers looking to buy a pet on the Internet. Anne Makovec tells us the pets often don't exist.
Card Controls Let You Control Credit Card Security With Your CellphoneA Bay Area company says the key to keeping hackers away from your credit card information may be your cellphone. Kiet Do reports. (9/20/17)
Car Dealers See Big Benefits From Hiring More SaleswomenThe largest car dealership group in the country is working on hiring more women realizing that, if they don't, they'll lose profits. Maria Medina reports. (9-15-17)
CA Lawmaker, ASPCA Team Up To Stop Practice Of Pet LeasingThe ASPCA and California Assemblywoman Anna Caballero have introduced a bill that would make all pet leasing contracts null and void. Consumerwatch reporter tells us more.
ConsumerWatch Weekend RoundupA recap of the week's top consumer news with Julie Watts. (8-26-17)
Soaring Salmon Prices Boost Interest in Sport Fishing ExcursionsSalmon prices are sky-high and, as KPIX 5's Don Ford found out, you can blame the lingering effects of the drought. (8-24-17)
ConsumerWatch: Home Repair Warranty WarningLots of homeowners are buying home warranties but, as ConsumerWatch reporter Julie Watts explains, they may not be getting the protection they're paying for. (8-24-17)
ConsumerWatch Weekend EditionConsumer reporter Julie Watts gets some back-to-school warnings from Rebecca Harpster from the Better Business Bureau. (8-19-17)
Mobile Homes in East Bay Red-TaggedAn eroding hillside has left residents at a mobile home park in San Pablo hanging. Julie Watts reports. (8-18-17)
Auto Insurance Rates Climb To New HeightsCar insurance rates are on the rise due to more cars on the road and rising health care costs. Julie Watts reports. (8/14/17)
ConsumerWatch: Digging Out of DebtIt's estimated that nearly three-quarters of college graduates are stuck with student debt. Now, a San Francisco startup says it can slash loan payments. Julie Watts reports. (8-10-17)
Reports Of Fidget Spinners Catching FireThis year’s hottest toy may be a little too hot. Consumerwatch reporter Julie Watts reports on cases of fidget spinners catching fire.

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