Talking Politics: (Non)Exoneration / Candidates Scramble
What's next now that the Mueller report has been released? And how can a candidate keep his or her campaign fresh and focused with so many competitors in the race? Phil Matier, Melissa Caen and Willie Brown discuss. (4-21-19)

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Talking Politics: Mayor Pete Ascends / The Dem GaggleIs Pete Buttigieg the real deal? Can he go the distance? Also: the field of Democratic candidates for president seems to know no bounds. Phil Matier, Melissa Caen and Willie Brown talk politics. (4-14-19)
Talking Politics: Pelosi for Prez / Teflon TrumpKPIX 5's Phil Matier and Melissa Caen gab with former S.F. mayor and Assembly speaker Willie Brown about Nancy Pelosi's and Donald Trump's political superpowers. (3-31-19)
Talking Politics: Newsom Nixes Executions / Campaign JamGov. Newsom declared a moratorium on executions in the Golden State while the 2020 Democratic Party presidential wagon train got longer. Phil Matier, Melissa Caen and Willie Brown discuss. (3-17-19)
Talking Politics: Dems Rush In (and Out) of Presidential CampaignPhil Matier, Melissa Caen and Willie Brown discuss the Democratic candidates' strategy in the campaign for president. (3-10-19)
Talking Politics: Beyond Cohen / Dem Free-for-AllWhat's the real significance of Michael Cohen's explosive testimony to Congress? Will every Democrat in the country run for president? Phil Matier, Melissa Caen and Willie Brown tackle those questions. (3-3-19)
Talking Politics: Campaign Stampede / Pelosi's PlanAnother week, another batch of Democratic candidates for president; Nancy Pelosi's balancing act with fellow Democrats. Phil Matier, Melissa Caen and former S.F. mayor and Assembly speaker Willie Brown discuss. (2-3-19)
Cory Booker Joins Presidential RaceSen. Booker will be competing against his friend and senate colleague, California's Kamala Harris. Melissa Caen reports. (2-1-19)
Talking Politics: Oh, Florida / Oh, Nancy PelosiKPIX 5's Phil Matier and Melissa Caen with former S.F. mayor and California assembly speaker Willie Brown review the week in politics. (11-18-18)
At Issue: Democrats in CongressPhil Matier and Rep. Mark DeSaulnier discuss the path forward for the Democratic Party in the wake of an election that saw the party re-take control of the House of Representatives. (11-18-18)

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Lone Bay Area Republican Lawmaker ConcedesEast Bay assemblywoman Catherine Baker conceded her 16th District seat to Orinda attorney Rebecca Bauer-Kahan on Friday, in a setback for California Republicans. Christin Ayers reports. (11-16-18)
Talking Politics: Blue(ish) Wave / Pelosi ReduxAnalysis of the midterm election results with KPIX 5's Phil Matier and Melissa Caen and former S.F. mayor and California assembly speaker Willie Brown. (11-11-18)
Talking Politics: Purple Wave / Governor RacePhil Matier, Melissa Caen and former S.F. mayor and Calif. assembly speaker Willie Brown discuss what Tuesday's elections are likely to reveal when all the votes are cast. (11-4-18)
California Voter Registration at Record LevelMore than 19.6 million Californians are registered to vote in the midterms, the largest number in California history, Secretary of State Alex Padilla announced Friday. Melissa Caen. (11-2-18)
Oakland City Council Candidate's Signs Defaced With Nazi SymbolsAn Oakland city council race has turned ugly after one candidate found a message of hate scrawled across his yard signs. Joseph Tanios tells KPIX he has no idea who's targeting him -- or why. Juliette Goodrich reports. (11-1-18)
Political Campaigns Make Last-Minute Push Via Text MessagingFirst, it was unsolicited phone calls. Now, political campaigns are blowing up voters' phones with text messages in the lead-up to the midterm elections. Melissa Caen reports. (11-1-18)
Talking Politics: Governor Who / House-Senate ScorecardPhil Matier, Melissa Caen and former S.F. mayor Willie Brown discuss Gavin Newsom's future and break down the chances of the Democratic Party taking both houses of Congress in the midterm election. (10-28-18)
Race for California Schools Chief Among Most Expensive in U.S.One of California’s ballot races is attracting money not normally seen on a statewide level. Tens of millions of dollars are being spent on the race to determine who will head the state's public school system. Wilson Walker reports. (10-26-18)
Oakland Property Owners Push Back Against Measure WIf Measure W passes in Oakland, an abandoned house or vacant lot could cost the property owner thousands per year. opponents argue it would hurt small landlords and people with granny units. Da Lin reports. (10-26-18)
S.F. Push to Get Non-Citizens to Vote in School Board Elections Costs Much, Registers FewSan Francisco is trying an expensive experiment in democracy. The city is allowing non-citizen parents to vote in school board elections. Melissa Caen reports. (10-25-18)
Prop 8 Aims to Curb Profits by Dialysis ClinicsA measure on the November ballot takes aim at regulating dialysis clinics across California. Backers claim many of the clinics are taking advantage of patients with private insurance and reaping the profits. Melissa Caen reports. (10-18-18)
Prop 7 Puts Permanent Daylight Saving Time Option on the BallotTurning your clocks back and forth for Daylight Saving Time could become a thing of the past. As KPIX 5's Don Ford reports, the decision will be up to voters this November. (10-12-18)
San Jose Mayoral Election Changes Could Extend Liccardo's TermBig changes could be coming to mayoral elections in San Jose. The goal is to get more people to the polls but it could allow the current mayor to stay in office two more years. Kiet Do reports. (10-3-18)
Gubernatorial Candidate Cox Campaigns in Bay AreaRepublican candidate for governor, John Cox was in Fremont on Friday, where he made a campaign stop at the DMV. Melissa Caen reports. (9-28-18)
Judge Kavanaugh's Accuser Lived A Quiet Life In Palo Alto, Until NowThe Palo Alto professor who says she was sexually assaulted by Supreme Court nominee Judge Brent Kavanaugh had hoped to remain anonymous. We have team coverage from Len Ramirez and Melissa Caen,.who tell us more about Christing Blasey Ford.
Hayward City Council Candidate Says Thieves Stole Campaign ValuablesPolice in Hayward are investigating a break-in that may have been politically-motivated. Christin Ayers reports. (8-30-18)
Lawsuit Challenges California's Electoral College Vote Distribution SystemA federal judge in LA could rule soon on whether a lawsuit that challenges the winner-take-all system of awarding Electoral College votes can proceed. In California, this could be a big win for Republicans. Melissa Caen reports. (8-16-18)
Bay Area Democrats Split Over Pelosi Leadership in House of RepresentativesAn exclusive KPIX / Survey USA poll served up some eye-opening numbers casting doubt on Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's role should her party take back control of the House of Representatives in the November election. Melissa Caen reports. (8-3-18)
Undocumented Immigrants Fear Registering to Vote in S.F. School Board ElectionsSan Francisco voters approved a measure to allow undocumented immigrant parents/guardians to vote in school board elections but, so far, the response has been almost nonexistent. Susie Steimle reports. (8-2-18)
Talking Politics: Kamala Rising / Cohen as QuislingU.S. Senator Kamala Harris (D-S.F.) is acting more and more like a candidate for president; Former Trump fixer Michael Cohen is acting more and more like the president's worst enemy. Chewing over it all: KPIX 5's Phil Matier, Melissa Caen and former S.F. mayor Willie Brown. (7-29-18)

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