Southbay Teacher Kicked Out Of Classroom After Comparing Trump To HitlerA Southbay high school teacher is on paid leave and getting online threats after comparing President-elect Donald Trump to Adolph Hitler. As Maria Medina reports, he says he would do it again.
Anti-Trump Protests Continue In Bay Area, Across U.S.Tens of thousands took to the streets Saturday across the U.S. as demonstrations President-Elect Donald Trump continued in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, the Bay Area and beyond. Roxana Saberi reports.
Therapists Say Election Depression Is WidespreadThe results of the election aren't just affecting people politically. Some voters are clinically depressed. Cate Cauguiran reports. (11-11-16)
Berkeley Elects Its Youngest MayorSome East Bay history was made this week when Berkeley voters elected Jesse Arreguin, a man who will become their city's youngest mayor. Da Lin reports (11-11-16)
Veterans At San Jose Parade Reflect On 2016 ElectionThe election was on the minds of many at the Veterans Day parade in San Jose. Len Ramirez reports. (11-11-16)
Trump Criticizes, Praises Protesters On TwitterWeijia Jiang reports on continuing unrest in wake of Donald Trump's election as president (11-11-2016)
Oakland Cleans Up After Second Night Of Anti-Trump ProtestsAnne Makovec reports on Oakland Mayor Schaaf scolding vandals about destructive anti-Trump protests (11-10-2016)
President Obama Meets With Trump To Discuss Transfer Of PowerCraig Boswell reports on President Obama having first meeting with Trump since he became president elect (11-10-2016)
Trump's Simple, Viral Message Touting Change Won Him The ElectionExperts says Trump's simple, viral message on social media may have won him the election. Wilson Walker reports. (11/9/16)
Trump Presidency Has Many Americans Dreaming Of CanadaMany Americans are dreaming of a new life in Canada, but no exodus so far. Joe Vazquez reports. (11/9/16)
Voters Approve $14 Billion In Bay Area Transit Improvement ProjectsBART, Caltrain and other Bay Area transit systems got funding for major transit improvement projects. Phil Matier reports. (11/9/16)
San Franciscans Come To Terms With A Donald Trump PresidencySan Franciscans try to express how they feel following the presidential election of Donald Trump. Emily Turner reports. (11/9/16)
San Francisco Pulls Down Nazi Flag Raised As Political Statement After Neighbor ComplainsAllen Martin reports on neighbor calling out Dolores Heights man who few Nazi flag over his home as statement on Trump election (11-9-2016)
ELECTION 2016: Clinton Gives Concession Speech, Obama Addresses Election UpsetWeijia Jiang reports on day after shocking election of Donald Trump to be next President of the U.S. (11-9-2016)
Ballot Count Continues In Santa Clara CountyMaria Medina reports on the process of counting mail-in ballots in South Bay slowing results for some close races (11-9-2016)
Pot Enthusiasts Consider What's Next After Passage Of Prop 64Wilson Walker reports on impact of voters passing Prop 64 to legalize recreational marijuana (11-9-2016)
Berkeley High School Students Stage Walkout To Protest Trump ElectionSandra Osborne reports on three Berkeley high schools marching in protest of election results (11-09-2016)
ELECTION 2016: Clinton Gives Concession Speech, Obama Addresses Election ResultWeijia Jiang reports on day after shocking election of Donald Trump to be next President of the U.S. (11-9-2016)
ELECTION 2016: President Elect Trump Speaks After Hillary Clinton Concedes ElectionPresident Elect Trump speaks at his New York headquarters after Hillary Clinton concedes election (11-8-2016)
Ro Khanna Looks To Take 17th Congressional District SeatTeam coverage of contentious race for 17th Congressional District between Ro Khanna and Mike Honda (11-8-2016)
Stunned Clinton Supporters Watch Returns In San FranciscoChristin Ayers reports on subdued gathering of Clinton backers watching returns at somber Election Night party (11-8-2016)
Team Coverage Of Trump Supporters Hopeful Candidate Will Close On 270 Electoral VotesTeam coverage of shock and celebration following Donald Trump's surprising performance on Election Day (11-8-2016)
Recreational Marijuana Gets The Green Light In CaliforniaCalifornia is joining other U.S. states this election in legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. Juliette Goodrich reports. (11/8/16)
Trump Supporters Homes, Cars Hit By VandalsSome Bay Area Trump supporters say they've paid the price for backing the GOP billionaire. As Susie Steimle tells us, they've been targeted by vandals.

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