NAACP Leader Says San Francisco Public Schools Fail Black Students
Most city officials agree that more needs to be done to help black students succeed, especially in math. Susie Steimle reports. (1/2/18)

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Statistics Indicating Possible Race Bias by Oakland Police Discussed at Town HallAt Laney College Thursday night, Oakland PD chief Anne Kirkpatrick, Stanford data scientist and mayor Libby Schaaf faced the public to discuss a study showing possible racial profiling of African Americans by police. Andria Borba reports. (7-19-18)
Beach Out of Reach Becomes Focus of Coastal Access DebateFew people have visited Cuarta Canyon beach on the Central California coast. The pristine beach lies inside Hollister Ranch and, for now, is only accessible by sea. Kiet Do and Devin Fehely took a kayak tour of this far shore which has become a focus in the debate over private property and public access. (7-15-18)
At Issue: California Coastal AccessWho should have access to beaches along the California coast? KPIX 5's Phil Matier talks with S.F. Supervisor and California Coastal Commissioner Aaron Peskin. (7-15-18)
Talking Politics: SCOTUS Scrap / Da Mayor's LegacyHow should Democrats in Senate handle the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh? And does new S.F. mayor London Breed really represent the "25th Year of the Willie Brown Mayoralty?" Phil Matier and Melissa Caen ask Willie Brown those very questions. (7-15-18)
Startup Charges Fee to Make DMV AppointmentsThe lines at the DMV are longer than ever and one Bay Area startup wants to sell you a prime appointment slot. The question is: is that even legal? Susie Steimle reports. (7-13-18)
FBI Agent Peter Strzok Clashes with GOP at House HearingAn embattled FBI agent whose anti-Trump text messages exposed the Justice Department to claims of institutional bias launched a vigorous defense Thursday at an extraordinary congressional hearing that devolved into shouting matches, finger-pointing and veiled references to personal transgressions. Melissa Caen reports. (7-12-18)

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