Talking Politics: Pelosi Power / Mind of Mueller
Another whirlwind week in politics -- diving deep are KPIX 5's Phil Matier and Melissa Caen with former S.F. mayor and Assembly Speaker Willie Brown. (12-2-18)

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Newsom Declares State of Emergency, Waives Environmental Rules for Wildfire PreparationsCalifornia Gov. Gavin Newsom will allow state fire officials to bypass some environmental regulations to clear dead trees and other vegetation ahead of the next wildfire season. Wilson Walker reports. (3-22-19)
Cal Assault Spurs Pres. Trump Executive Order on Campus Free SpeechAfter violent attacks on conservative speakers at Cal, President Trump is getting involved. On Friday he signed an order linking federal grants to free speech. Da Lin reports from Berkeley. (3-21-19)
Governor Newsom Pushes For Fee To Clean Up Tainted WaterGov. Gavin Newsom is considering charging California water customers up to $10 per month to help clean up contaminated water in low-income and rural areas. Joe Vasquez reports. (3-20-2019)
Crowded 2020 Presidential Race Has Most Dem. Candidates Since 1992With Senator Gillibrand's announcement on Sunday morning, there are now 14 Democrats running for president in 2020, marking the most candidates from the party since 1992. Melissa Caen reports. (3-17-2019)
Talking Politics: Newsom Nixes Executions / Campaign JamGov. Newsom declared a moratorium on executions in the Golden State while the 2020 Democratic Party presidential wagon train got longer. Phil Matier, Melissa Caen and Willie Brown discuss. (3-17-19)
At Issue: Execution Moratorium / Mueller WatchUC Hastings law professor Rory Little discusses Gov. Newsom's moratorium on death penalty executions and the long-awaited Mueller report with KPIX 5's Phil Matier. (3-17-19)

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