Public, Private Group Alliance Gives San Rafael Neighborhood Free WiFiEmily Turner reports on how groups banded together to bring WiFi to San Rafael's Canal district. (8-4-20)
Lawsuit Alleges SF Sheriff's Dept. Ordered 2 Black Woman Not To Talk At WorkIn an exclusive report, Joe Vazquez talked to two black women who are suing the SF Sheriff's Department for allegedly ordering them not to speak at work, after they complained about racial discrimination.
Governor's Coronavirus Update: Aug. 3, 2020In his first news conference in several days, Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday outlined how the state was intervening to decrease the spread of COVID-19 in the Central Valley. (8-3-20)
San Francisco City Workers Asked to Sacrifice as Budget Gap WidensIn San Francisco it's not just about "defunding police." All departments and employees are feeling the crunch. Andria Borba reports. (7-31-20)
Tens of Millions Face Hardship as Federal Unemployment Payments EndNearly 30 million out-of-work Americans, including thousands in the Bay Area, are scrambling to figure out how to pay for basic expenses as federal $600-a-week unemployment benefits expire. Devin Fehely reports. (7-31-20)
Bay Area Election Workers Prepare for Historically High Mail-In VotingPres. Trump is standing by his suggestion that the election should be delayed because of his unsubstantiated claims regarding the security of mail-in voting. As Andria Borba reports, Bay Area election workers say they're ready for anything. (7-30-20)
Former Presidents Honor Rep. John Lewis at FuneralMichelle Miller reports on the funeral of congressman John Lewis, where former presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton honored the fallen civil rights activist. (7-30-20)
State Lawmakers Sound Off on Huge Backlog of Claims Burying EDDThe California Employment Development Dept. was grilled over its failure to pay benefits and how it plans to sort out the mess. Betty Yu reports. (7-30-20)
Body of Rep. John Lewis Returned to Capitol Hill for DC FarewellCivil rights icon congressman John Lewis is the first Black lawmaker ever to lie in state in the U.S. Capitol. Natalie Brand reports. (7-27-20)
Oakland Mayor Cautions Racial Justice Protesters to Avoid 'Images' Trump Campaign SeeksThe stated purpose of Saturday's protest was for Oakland to show solidarity with demonstrators in Portland but, after dark, it turned ugly. On Sunday, Mayor Schaaf warned protesters that's just what Pres. Trump is counting on. Joe Vazquez reports. (7-26-20)
KPIX Investigation: Paycheck Protection Program Vulnerable to FraudThere’s still more than $1 billion left to hand out in the Paycheck Protection Program. What does it take to qualify? For some applicants, not much. Maria Medina reports. (7-24-20)
With U.S. Postal Service on the Ropes, Is Vote-by-Mail Safe?Wilson Walker takes a look at the potential collision course between the disintegrating capabilities of the post office and an inevitable influx of vote-by-mail ballots in the November election. (7-24-20)
FBI: SF Chinese Consulate Harbors Researcher Accused of Lying to FedsPresumed by the FBI to be inside the consulate, Tang Juan, a biology researcher, is now charged with visa fraud -- accused of lying about her connections to the Chinese military. Wilson Walker reports. (7-23-20)
White House, GOP Leaders Discuss New Coronavirus Relief Aid PackageAt the White House Monday, President Trump discussed a new oronavirus relief package with Republican congressional leaders. Natalie Brand reports. (7-20-20)
Governor's Coronavirus News Conference: July 20, 2020In his noon news conference Monday, Gov. Newsom announced new guidelines on personal care services that will allow for hair salons and barbershops to reopen their services by moving outdoors. (7-20-20)
Redwood City Scrubs Black Lives Matter Mural When Trump Supporter Asks to Paint 'MAGA 2020' on Same StreetMany communities across the country are displaying “Black Lives Matter” street murals. Redwood City was one of them until last week when the city quietly removed it. John Ramos explains why. (7-19-20)
Napa County Steps Up Penalties for Face-Covering ViolatorsNapa County now has an ordinance authorizing fines from $25 to $500 for individuals and $200 to $5,000 for businesses which receive multiple complaints for not wearing face coverings. Don Ford reports. (7-17-20)
Bay Area Health Experts Cry Foul Over Trump Bypass of CDC for COVID-19 DataThe Trump administration is ordering hospitals to quit sending their coronavirus data to the Center for Disease Control but, instead, submit the data to a private company. Allen Martin reports. (7-16-20)
Santa Clara County Officials Work With State to Clarify Reopening Rollback PolicyOn the day that gyms, hair-and-nail salons and churches were allowed to reopen, Santa Clara county officials said Monday that they will likely be ordered to shut down again in two days. Maria Medina reports. (7-13-20)
CoCo County Small Businesses Frustrated by Reopening RollbackAfter Gov. Newsom announced Monday new business closures for many California counties, salon and gym owners in Danville told KPIX 5's Juliette Goodrich they may have no choice but to defy the order. (7-13-20)
Governor's Coronavirus Update: New Statewide Closures AnnouncedGov. Gavin Newsom on Monday announced additional restrictions and rollbacks of the state’s reopening plans as the coronavirus outbreak worsens in the state. (7-13-20)
Berkeley Moves Toward Unarmed, Civilian Traffic EnforcementBerkeley could become the first city in the nation where unarmed transportation employees, not police officers, will be making routine traffic stops. Da Lin reports. (7-10-20)
California Will Sue Trump Administration Over International Student Visa PolicyThe state of California filed suit against the Trump administration Thursday over a policy that would bar international students from staying in the United States unless they were scheduled to take in-person classes. Joe Vazquez reports. (7-9-20)
Santa Clara County in Tug-of-War With State Over Reopening PlanSanta Clara County has experienced a serious setback in its plan to reopen more parts of its economy. The state pulled the plug on plans to reopen salons, barbershops and gyms because the hospitalization rate was going up too quickly. Devin Fehely reports. (7-6-20)

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