Grass Fire Along I-80 Near Fairfield Forces Evacuations
Residents are being evacuated from parts of Fairfield Tuesday evening due to a brush fire burning along Interstate 80, according to authorities. (8-10-18)

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CA Attorney General Will Sue Trump Admin. Over Nat'l Emergency DeclarationAttorney General Xavier Becerra said he is suing the president to overturn his national emergency declaration regarding the southern border. This will be the 46th case California has brought against the Trump Administration in two years. Melissa Caen reports. (2-17-2019)
Researchers Find Large Amount Of Tiny, Harmful Plastic On Ocean BeachA global research project to track one kind of beach debris is raising an alarming concern that there may be a lot more plastic in the ocean than we ever imagined. John Ramos reports. (2-17-2019)
Hot-Air Balloon Carrying 11 Forced Down in Marsh Near VallejoEmergency crews responded after a hot-air balloon from Sonoma carrying 11 people was forced to land on a marsh near Skaggs Island outside Vallejo Sunday morning. Katie Nielsen reports. (2-17-2019)
Raw Video: Balloon Forced to Land on Marsh Near VallejoChopper 5 aerials over the site of a hot-air balloon that was forced to make a landing in a marsh west of Vallejo on Sunday. (2-17-19)
CHP Warns Drivers Heading To Tahoe For 3-Day Weekend To Stay AwayIt’s a three-day weekend and some from the Bay Area have their sights set on spending time in the snow, but as Andrea Nakano tell us, the CHP is warning drivers to stay away.
Hamilton Patrons Describe Panic, Chaos During Escape From TheatreTwenty-four after chaos erupted at Friday night's Hamilton show, many theatergoers were still shaken up by the pandemonium that followed what turned out to be a medical emergency.

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