Proposal To Create More Affordable Housing In California Shelved Until 2020
Despite homelessness in California, and the state's escalating housing crisis, Melissa Caen tells us a proposal that would have sped up construction all over the state has hit a massive speed bump.

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Proposal To Create More Affordable Housing In California Shelved Until 2020Despite homelessness in California, and the state's escalating housing crisis, Melissa Caen tells us a proposal that would have sped up construction all over the state has hit a massive speed bump.
San Francisco Supervisors Weigh Proposal To Close Juvenile HallA committee of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors is expected to consider a proposal that would close the city's juvenile hall, which advocates say is mostly empty. Jackie Ward reports. (5/16/19)
Opponents Of Strict Alabama Abortion Ban Receiving Bay Area SupportOpponents of the Alabama's newly-enacted abortion ban, the strictest in the country, are gearing up to challenge the law in court and are getting support from people in the Bay Area. Susie Steimle reports. (5/15/19)
UC Regents To Consider Housing Proposal On Berkeley CampusThe University of California Regents are expected to consider a proposed housing development on the Berkeley campus, a plan that has raised controversy among Berkeley city officials. Jackie Ward reports. (5/15/19)
FEMA Closing Sonoma County Trailer Neighborhood For Wine Country Fire VictimsA makeshift trailer neighborhood in Sonoma County, where wildfire victims have been living for 19 months, will be removed in July. Don Ford reports. (5-14-2019)
San Jose Plan To Fix Potholes Hits RoadblockSan Jose is still scrambling to fill potholes from this past winter and they had a plan to make it happen. Kiet Do tell us about a new roadblock.
East Bay Residents, Businesses, Drivers Want A Say In Plan To Redo San Pablo AvenueSan Pablo Avenue runs through 6 cities, from Oakland to San Pablo, and it's due for a makeover. Juliette Goodrich reports drivers, residents and businesses have strong opinions about the project.
Developer Backs Out Of Controversial Ohlone College Housing ProjectA developer has pulled out of a controversial housing project at Ohlone College. John Ramos tells us why a plan for hundreds of apartments and townhomes ran into a wall of resistance.
Kamala Harris Looks To Reboot 2020 Campaign By Shifting Aim To TrumpKamala Harris is looking to reboot her presidential campaign by shifting her focus to President Trump. Several national polls show her lagging in 4th place. Melissa Caen reports. (5-12-2019)

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Talking Politics: Trump Blocks, Congress TacklesDemocrats are saying the president has plunged the nation into a "constitutional crisis." Also, will attempts to compel Pres. Trump to reveal his tax returns succeed? Phil Matier, Melissa Caen and Willie Brown discuss. (5-12-19)
At Issue: State Budget Spending PrioritiesKPIX 5's Phil Matier talks with assemblyman Phil Ting (D-S.F.) about California's projected budget surplus. (5-12-19)
Gov. Newsom Proposes Plan For Large Budget Surplus In May ReviseGovernor Gavin Newsom has a $21.5 billion budget surplus to work with in 2019. The deadline for the legislature and Newsom to agree on a budget is June 15. Melissa Caen reports. (5-11-2019)
'Mayor Pete' Buttigieg Campaigns in San FranciscoThe fast-rising presidential candidate known as "Mayor Pete" was in San Francisco Friday night for a grassroots fundraiser. Andria Borba reports. (5-10-19)
Campaign 2020: Mayor Pete Raises Funds on Kamala Harris' Home TurfDemocratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg was in one of his rivals' backyard Friday looking to raise money for his campaign. Melissa Caen. (5-10-19)
Alamo Residents Annoyed by Trump Campaign Flag's ProfanityA man in Alamo flying a Trump 2020 flag insists it's his free-speech right but his neighbors say it's inappropriate. Christin Ayers reports. (5-9-19)
Milpitas City Council Rejects 2 Rent Protection ProposalsThe Milpitas City Council was in a heated debated over a rent control proposal late into Tuesday evening. Maria Medina reports. (5-7-2019)
Gov. Newsom Unveils Budget Proposals To Help Parents Save MoneyGov. Gavin Newsom and his wife Jennifer Siebel Newsom introduced new proposals to help parents, including tax exemptions on menstrual products and diapers, as part of a revised budget plan. Andria Borba reports. (5/7/19)
Talking Politics: Barr Fight / Too Many CandidatesTakeaways from another wild week in politics delivered by KPIX 5's Phil Matier and Melissa Caen and former S.F. mayor and Assembly speaker Willie Brown. (5-5-19)
At Issue: Barr v. CongressKPIX 5's Phil Matier and UC Hastings law professor Rory Little discuss Attorney General William Barr's standoff with congressional Democrats. (5-5-19)
San Jose Illegal Sideshow Crackdown Could Target SpectatorsSan Jose is cracking down on illegal sideshows. Len Ramirez tells us about a plan to make it not only illegal to be behind the wheel, but a spectator, too.
Full Video: Beto O'Rourke Campaigns in San FranciscoDemocratic candidate for president, Beto O'Rourke, was in San Francisco to speak to supporters at the Irish Center in the Outer Sunset. (4-28-19)
Talking Politics: Biden Time / 20 Donkey Team ScrambleAt last "Uncle Joe" is officially in the race, along with 19 other Dems all trying not to be just another face in the crowd. Phil Matier, Melissa Caen and Willie Brown break it all down. (4-28-19)
At Issue: Mueller Reaction and Democrats' Game PlanKPIX 5's Phil Matier and congressman Mark DeSaulnier (D-Concord) discuss the Mueller report and how Democrats in Congress will work with the administration as the 2020 election campaigns heat up. (4-28-19)
Biden's Former Bay Area Driver Recalls the Real JoeOne Bay Area man has a unique take on the former vice president and senator. KPIX 5 political reporter Melissa Caen talks with the man who used to drive Joe Biden. (4-25-19)
Newsom Visiting East Bay To Discuss Wildfire PreventionGov. Gavin Newsom is expected to meet with East Bay officials on Tuesday to discuss ways to prevent wildfires in urban areas. Jackie Ward reports. (4/23/19)
Talking Politics: (Non)Exoneration / Candidates ScrambleWhat's next now that the Mueller report has been released? And how can a candidate keep his or her campaign fresh and focused with so many competitors in the race? Phil Matier, Melissa Caen and Willie Brown discuss. (4-21-19)
At Issue: The Mueller ReportKPIX 5's Phil Matier discusses the release of the Mueller report on Russian interference in the 2016 election and the president's response with UC Hastings law professor David Levine. (4-21-19)
California Pols React to Release of Mueller ReportCalifornia's political heavyweights weighed in on the Mueller report. Melissa Caen reports. (4-18-19)
Bay Area Tops California Regions Donating To Trump 2020 CampaignPresident Trump has picked up nearly $2 million in campaign contributions in California, with the biggest chunk coming from the Bay Area. Melissa Caen reports. (4/17/19)

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