Trump Signs Bill Ending Overnight Government Shutdown
A government shutdown that lasted for several hours ended early Friday morning after lawmakers agreed to a massive budget deal that would raise the deficit. Jackie Ward reports. (2/9/18)

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ICE Arrests SoCal Man En Route To Hospital With Wife To Deliver BabyA San Bernadino woman said she had to drive herself to the hospital after her husband was hauled away by ICE agents. Chris Holmstrom has her story.
East Bay Congressman Swalwell ‘Considering’ 2020 Presidential RunEast Bay Rep. Eric Swalwell said he is “considering” a possible run for the Democratic nomination in the 2020 presidential election. Jackie Ward reports. (8/17/18)
Lawsuit Challenges California's Electoral College Vote Distribution SystemA federal judge in LA could rule soon on whether a lawsuit that challenges the winner-take-all system of awarding Electoral College votes can proceed. In California, this could be a big win for Republicans. Melissa Caen reports. (8-16-18)
Misconduct Charges Dropped Against Former Santa Clara CouncilmanA former Santa Clara city councilmember will not be charged despite a sexual harassment case against him. Maria Medina explains the reason behind the district attorney's decision. (8-15-18)
Study: Congestion, Poor Road Conditions Costing Bay Area DriversAs voters decide on possibly repealing higher gas taxes, a new study claims congestion and poor road conditions are costing the average Bay Area driver thousands of dollars per year. Anne Makovec reports. (8/15/18)
Battle Brews Between Cities, State Over Marijuana DeliveriesWith legalization in California well underway, the question of cities having the authority to ban marijuana deliveries is now sparking debate. Anne Makovec reports. (8/14/18)

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