Palo Alto Cracks Down On Neighborhood ChurchesPalo Alto is cracking down on churches that are trying to offest costs by subletting their space. Kiet Do reports. (7-27-17)
Pro-Life Activists Chalk Sidewalk Outside City Leaders' HomesAnti-abortion activists wrote slogans on the street outside San Francisco planning commissioners' homes over Planned Parenthood decision. Phil Matier reports. (7/26/17)
Catholic Church Rejects Gluten-Free CommunionIn June, the Pope issued a directive to all bishops prohibiting the use of gluten-free communion hosts. John Ramos reports. (7-14-17)
Alameda County Gets Federal Funding To Fight Violent ExtremismAlameda County was granted DHS funding to fight terrorism and violent extremism, but say it will not focus on Islam. Chirstin Ayers reports. (6/26/17)
Man Wearing 'ICE' Jacket In Hispanic Community Church Causes StirA man wearing a jacket resembling one worn by ICE agents caused a stir at a church service for the Hispanic community in San Rafael. Emily Turner reports.
Anti-Shariah Rally Draws Counter-Protesters To South BayAnti-Shariah protesters and counter-protesters faced off in the South Bay Saturday. Devin Fehely reports. (6-10-17)
Burned Berkeley Church ResurrectedEight months after fire ripped through First Congregational Church of Berkeley, the congregation marched back into the sanctuary on Sunday. Wilson Walker reports. (6-4-17)
Big Sur Monks Stranded By Mudslide On Highway 1Two dozen monks living at a monastery in Big Sur and stranded by a mudslide blocking Highway 1,are getting much needed help from outsiders. Devin Fehely reports. (5/24/17)
Bay Area Woman Bridges Divides With Meet-a-Muslim ProjectA Fremont resident created "Meet a Muslim" where she speaks to groups and answers whatever questions they may have about Muslim people. John Ramos reports. (5/23/17)
Raw Video: Trump Arrives In Italy Ahead Of Pope MeetingPresident Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump arrived in Rome on Tuesday ahead of a meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican on Wednesday. (5/23/17)
Bay Area Lawmaker Fights To Protect Young Women From Coerced MarriagesA Bay Area lawmaker is leading the charge to protect young women from underage marriages. Melissa Caen reports. (5/8/17)
Ad Campaign Tackles Misconceptions About SikhsA million-dollar awareness campaign is aimed at educating the public on what it means to be Sikh. Devin Fehely reports. (4-28-17)
Bay Area Coptic Christians Pray For Peace Following Egypt Terrorist AttacksBay Area congregations prayed for the victims and their families after a deadly bombing attack killed scores of Coptic Christian worshippers in Egypt. Devin Fehely reports from Campbell. (4-9-17)
Proposed Protections For California Employees At Religious InstitutionsA California lawmaker wants new protections for people who work at religious-affiliated institutions. Melissa Caen reports. (3/29/17)
Local Catholics React To Pope Saying He Is Open To Allowing Married Men To Become PriestsMaria Medina reports on Bay Area Catholics weighing in on Pope considering major change to priesthood (3-10-2017)
A 'Biblically-Responsible Investing' Company Avoids Companies Advocating For LGBTQ RightsA new investment company won't buy shares of companies actively advocating for LGBTQ rights. John Ramos reports. (3/1/17)
South Bay Church Sign Welcoming Immigrants Repeatedly StolenA South Bay church put up a sign welcoming immigrants and refugees. Then it was stolen -- twice. Cate Cauguiran reports. (2-10-17)
Catholic, Muslim Leaders Show Unity at MLK Day Event in San JoseKPIX 5's Len Ramirez reports from San Jose where religious leaders of different faiths broke bread together in a show of unity and tolerance. (1-16-17)
Nuns Mission District Soup Kitchen Gets Go-Ahead With Help From Tony Robbins, Marc BenioffPlanning Commission members gave their unanimous support Thursday for plans to open a soup kitchen in San Francisco’s Mission District. Jessica Flores reports. (1-12-17)
San Jose Catholic Churches Prepare To Be Sanctuaries For ImmigrantsSan Jose Catholic churches may act as a refuge for immigrants facing deportation under a Trump presidency. Devin Fehely reports. (1/10/17)
Undaunted By Stolen Menorah, Hanukkah Candles Are Lit In Washington SquareNorth Beach neighbors gathered Monday night in Washington Square park to light Hanukkah candles at the place where a large bronze Menorah was stolen over the weekend. Joe Vazquez reports. (12-26-16)
Bay Sunday - William Keepin Ph.D. author of 'Belonging To God'Bay Sunday's host Kenny Choi talks to Will Keepin Ph.D., the author of 'Belonging to God.'
Suspects Accused Of Assaulting Sikh Man Charged With Hate CrimeTwo men suspected of using a pocket knife to brutally assault a Sikh man in Richmond last month were charged with a hate crime Friday morning. Jackie Ward reports. (10-14-16)
Richmond Mayor Describes Brutal Attack On Sikh Man As A Hate CrimeA Sikh man in Richmond was injured in a brutal attack and members of the community say it was a hate crime. Juliette Goodrich reports. (10/10/16)

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