Food For Bay Area Families: Maxim IntegratedMaxim Integrated donates $195,326 to the Second Harvest Food Bank
Food For Bay Area Families: Morgan StanleyMorgan Stanley donates $50,000 to the Redwood Empire Food Bank
Monterey Mayoral Candidate Proposes Legalizing MushroomsNow that pot will soon be legal in California, a Monterey County man is looking beyond marijuana to mushrooms. Kiet Do tells us he's running for mayor.
Food For Bay Area Families: Kaiser PermanenteKaiser Permanente donates dozens of turkeys to the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano counties.
Food For Bay Area Families: Bank Of AmericaBank of America donates $128,000 to the Alameda County Food Bank
Food For Bay Area Families: Wells FargoWells Fargo Makes $100,000 donation to the SF-Marin Food Bank
Imprint City: Art, Artists To Redefine Traditional Spaces In SF's BayviewTyra Fennell, founder and Executive Director of Imprint City, tells BR how artists have become agents of change and are redefining black neighborhoods across the country. It's happening in San Francisco's Bayview district.
Survey: Employees Admit Wasting Time At Work On Their SmartphonesEmployees admitted spending one hour and 36 minutes a day doing personal tasks at work. Almost an hour of that is on a smartphone, according to a survey from OfficeTeam.
Marin Mom Part Of Growing Number Of Parents Who Smoke MarijuanaA new study says one in five parents smoke marijuana. Betty Yu met a mom in Marin County who does just that. In fact, she feels smoking pot makes her a better parent.
At Issue: Sexual Harassment in the LegislatureAssemblywoman Catharine Baker (R-Dublin) on why a plan in the legislature to deal with sexual harassment falls short of the mark. (10-29-17)
Root & ReboundFounder of Root & Rebound, Katherine Katcher and community activist Watini Stiner talk to BR about the work being done to help former inmates and their upcoming annual benefit on October 5 at The Lab in San Francisco.
2017 Tashlique SF Happening At Ocean BeachReboot is hosting the annual Jewish tradition known as Tashlique at Ocean Beach. Executive director David Katznelson and Program manager Tanya Schevitz join Bay Sunday host Kenny Choi to tell us more about the history.
Google CEO Cancels Company Town Hall After Employees ThreatenedGoogle's town hall meeting on Thursday to discuss a harsh anti-diversity manifesto circulated by a now-fired engineer was abruptly canceled: the reason -- threats against Google employees. Maria Medina reports. (8-10-17)
DNNC Steps To Success Is Helping Single Moms SucceedDelane Sims and Myeshia Jefferson of DNNC Steps to Success tells us how their program is helping single moms get back on their feet using their own two hands.
Broadcasting Leader Shares Memories Of His Hometown In Segregated SouthKPIX's Don Sharp takes reporter Devin Fehely home to the small town in Texas where he grew up to see the town's celebration of Juneteenth and tells what it was like growing up during Jim Crow.
Army Vet On Trek Across US To Raise Awareness For PTSDAn Army veteran who served near the DMZ in South Korea has walked 3,000 miles since November to shed light on PTSD. Simon Perez met him when he came through San Francisco.
At Issue: Pride in AmericaPhil Matier talked with former state senator Mark Leno about the state of LGBT rights in America. (6-25-17)
Woman Pushes Through Homelessness To Graduate From Cal State East BayBrenda Brown was laid off during the financial crisis of '08 then spent two fruitless years seeking work before deciding to go back to school. As a college student in her fifties, Brenda eventually wound up homeless, living in her car near campus. Luckily she found a program called HOPE. John Ramos reports. (6-9-17)
Graduation Ceremony For Vacaville Prison Inmates Turned CounselorsProud friends and family attended a graduation ceremony behind the walls of Vacaville Prison. As Angela Musallam reports, the inmates will go on to become counselors.
March Across Golden Gate Bridge To Stop Gun ViolenceHundreds marched through dense, morning fog across the Golden Gate Bridge to demand action against gun violence on Saturday. Devin Fehely walked with them.
King of Carnaval Can Dance Although He Can't HearJoe Vazquez introduces the King and Queen of San Francisco's Carnaval. The king -- Antoine Hunter -- shows off dance moves that are elegant and graceful. He also happens to be deaf. (5-26-17)
Dana Hooper Talks About Life Services AlternativesExecutive Director Dana Hooper talks to Bay Sunday's Kenny Choi about Life Services Alternatives a non-profit that helps adults with special needs lead full lives.
Anita Hill Speaks Out On Sexual Harassment In The WorkplaceAttorney, professor and civil rights advocate Anita Hill speaks at a conference in San Francisco on sexual harassment and reflects on her historic testimony against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas 25 years ago.
Photographer Dick Evans Talks About His Book 'The Mission'Photographer Dick Evans talks to Bay Sunday's Kenny Choi about creating his latest book 'The Mission,' which captures the essence one of San Francisco's most vibrant neighborhoods.

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