Mother's Day Gift Ideas With Lifestyle Expert Amy SewellLifestyle expert Amy Sewell shows Bay Sunday host Kenny Choi some great gift ideas for mom this Mother's Day.
Smuin's World Premiere Tribute To The 50th Anniversary Of The 'Summer Of Love'Smuin's Artistic Director Celia Fushille talks to Bay Sunday host Kenny Choi about the company's tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love. Performances are May 5 through June 3 in Mountain View, Walnut Creek, San Francisco and Carmel. For tickets visit
The 40th Anniversary Of Alex Haley's 'Roots'Roots made television history when it debuted 40 years ago. Now this powerful story of Alex Haley's African ancestors is back for a new generation. Black Renaissance's Christin Ayers talked with stars and the director about the show's significance, then, and now.
Jeff Guinn Talks About His New Book 'The Road To Jonestown'Jeff Guinn shares new revelations about Jim Jones and the People's Temple in his latest book, "The Road to Jonestown" with Bay Sunday host Kenny Choi.
Asian Pacific Heritage Month CelebrationAsian Pacific Heritage Month kicks of in May with an awards ceremony on May 1 at the Herbst Theatre, in San Francisco. Chair Claudine Cheng and Mary Nicely talk about the event and the celebration with Bay Sunday host Kenny Choi.
UN Chief Surprises His American Mom On Her 100th BirthdayA Novato woman who turned 100-years-old got an unexpected birthday surprise: UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. Jackie Ward was at the emotional reunion.
Deborah Santana & Carl Lumbly Host Daraja Academy FundraiserDeborah Santana & Carl Lumbly invite you to a fundraiser benefitting Daraja Academy on Sunday, April 23 at The Open Square at Futures Without Violence in the SF Presidio. Santana talks to BR host Christin Ayers about this amazing secondary school for girls in Kenya.
Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival, Parade & Gala In SF's JapantownThe Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival is hosting their 50th Anniversary Gala Celebration on Friday, April 14. The Grand Parade is on April 16 in Japantown. Greg Viloria talks to Bay Sunday host Kenny Choi about the festival's history and this year's events.
Easterseals Bay Area Celebrates 90th Anniversary At Spring Gala FundraiserEasterseals senior executive Darrell Byers talks to Bay Sunday's Kenny Choi about the organization's work helping autism patients, the 90th anniversary, and the upcoming Spring Gala Fundraiser with Janelle Monae.
Filipino Survivors Of Bataan Death March Mark 75th AnniversarySurvivors of the infamous Bataan death march in the Philippines gathered to mark the 75th anniversary in San Francisco. Maria Medina sat down with a man who lived through it.
100 Black Women Host 12th Annual Hats & Gloves TeaThe San Francisco chapter of 100 Black Women is hosting their 12 Annual Hats & Gloves Tea on Saturday, March 4, 2017 at the Fairmont Hotel. Event chair Jackie Wright talks with Black Renaissance host Christin Ayers about this wonderful event.
Nigerian Novelist Sarah Manyika Talks About A Prestigious Pan-African Literary PrizeNigerian novelist Sarah Ladipo Manyika talks to Black Renaissance producer Jan Mabry about Africa's prestigious Etisalat Prize for Literature.
Alexandra Wolfe Talks About Her New Book, Valley Of The GodsAuthor and Wall Street Journal reporter Alexandra Wolfe talks to Kenny Choi about her new book, Valley of the Gods which explores the subculture of Silicon Valley's youngest entrepreneurs.One critic called it a "funny anthropological deep dive into the strange inner workings of the Bay Area tech world."
Professor John Powell Talks About The Language Of 'Othering' During The 2016 Election - Part 1Part 1 of UC Berkeley Professor of Law John A. Powell conversation with Christin Ayers of Black Renaissance about the language of 'othering' during the campaign of President-elect Donald Trump.
San Francisco Bids Final Goodbye To Chinatown Activist Rose PakHundreds gathered in Chinatown to pay their last respects to longtime activist Rose Pak. Da Lin reports.
Men and SelfiesVinnie reports that men are twice as likely to take selfies than women. (01/27/2016)
Average Number of Sexual PartnersVinnie reads the results of a survey that reveals the average number of sexual partner for both men and women. (01/25/2016)
Sarah's Inappropriate TouchingSarah discusses her touchy feeliness and how much Vinnie loves it! (10/20/2015)
'Birth Tourism' Booming In Bay Area Despite Fed CrackdownA controversial underground industry known as birth tourism is booming in the Bay Area. Betty Yu reports. (9-25-15)
The Secret ProposalDustin won the Secret Proposal Contest and proposed to his girlfriend, Katie, at the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn with a diamond ring courtesy of Geoffrey's Diamonds and a little help from Sarah, Vinnie, and a mermaid. (09/09/2015)
Vinnie In A BraA conversation on how to put on a bra ended up with Vinnie wearing Sarah's bra. (09/02/2015)
K.O. Movie Review: "We Are Your Friends"The K.O. Movie team of Hooman Khalili & Marcus Osborne review "We Are Your Friends" starring Zac Efron, Wes Bentley, and Emily Ratajkowski. (08/27/2015)
Wedding SingersVinnie asks everyone, "If you could have one singer perform at your wedding, who would it be?" Watch to see the answers. (08/26/2015)
Census Shows Latinos Largest Ethnic Group In California, Surpassing Non-Hispanic WhitesThe long-expected moment when Latinos surpass non-Hispanic whites as California's largest racial or ethnic group has occurred. Betty Yu reports. (7-8-15)

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