CA Congressman: 'Real Prospect Of Jail Time' For Pres. Trump
Adam Schiff (D), a former federal prosecutor, said recent court filings in the case against Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen implicate the President in at least two violations of campaign finance laws. Melissa Caen reports. (12-9-2018)


Deadly 'Atmospheric River' Storm Moves Out of Bay AreaThe worst may be over but high surf warnings are still in effect. The so-called atmospheric river storm left a wide trail of downed trees, damaged roads, power outages and, in Marin County, one death. Joe Vazquez reports. (1-17-19)
Wine Country Adds Black Truffles to List of Locally-Grown DelicaciesNapa and Sonoma have cracked the code on crafting world-famous wines. Now, the region could become known for growing one of the rarest and most expensive ingredients on the planet. Betty Yu reports. (1-17-19)
Muni Drivers Get Training to Deal With Violent PassengersIn an effort to curb violence against bus and train operators, the next stop for Muni drivers will be de-escalation training. Wilson Walker reports. (1-17-19)
Sky-High Bay Area Housing Costs Prompt Backyard Construction BoomThe high cost of housing in the Bay Area is splitting families apart as young people find they can’t afford to live in their own home towns. Some are finding that a solution is not far away. John Ramos reports. (1-17-19)
Rain-Induced Potholes on Bay Area Roads Take Toll on Car Tires, SuspensionThe rain may be about to take a break but the obstacle course that local drivers must deal with is only likely to get worse. Devin Fehely reports. (1-17-19)
Berkeley Barbecue Restaurant Hit With Neighbors' Complaints About Smoke, SmellsKC's BBQ in Berkeley, a family-owned restaurant, is fending off complaints from neighbors who have a beef with all the barbeque smoke. Da Lin reports. (1-17-19)

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