At Issue: Congressional Democrats' Sit-in For Gun LegislationU.S. Representative Eric Swalwell talks about the Democratic sit-in last week that broke House decorum by streaming video directly over social media. (6-26-16)
President Discusses Brexit Vote At Global Tech SummitKiet Do reports on President Obama addressing Brexit vote at Stanford tech summit Friday (6-24-2016)
ConsumerWatch: Using YouTube To Settle ComplaintsIt's a common complaint from consumers: companies often don't respond to their problems. ConsumerWatch reporter Julie Watts looks at a social-media based way to get a company's attention. (6-17-16)
Warriors Fans Angry After Crushing Loss To Cavs In Game SixSteph Curry was ejected and the Warriors went down to defeat Thursday in Game Six of the NBA Finals. Some fans -- including Curry's wife -- thought the game was rigged. Christin Ayers and Dennis O'Donnell report. (6-16-16)
Facebook's Menlo Park Expansion Leaves Neighbors With Mixed FeelingsA wide range of emojis could be used to represent the feelings neighbors of Facebook's Menlo Park headquarters as the company expands. Maria Medina reports. (6/9/16)
Waze Sending Santa Cruz Beachgoers Through Los Gatos, Snarling TrafficWeekend traffic through Los Gatos is looking more like downtown San Francisco or Oakland and the locals aren't happy. Cate Cauguiran reports. (6-3-16)
Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg Delivers Commencement Address At UC BerkeleyFacebook's Sheryl Sandberg had a bittersweet message for UC Berkeley's class of 2016. Mark Kelly reports on the COO's commencement address.
Muni Driver's Racist Rant Caught On CameraAn off-duty Muni driver went on a racist rant during an argument over a missed parking space in San Francisco. It was caught on camera and posted to Facebook. Andria Borba reports. (5-9-16)
Facebook Executive Posts Tribute To Single Moms, Admits 'Lean In' Was LackingFacebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg posted on Mother's Day that the plight of single mothers was underplayed in her best-selling book and Maria Medina spoke with one single mom who agrees. (5-9-16)
Vallejo Police Running Man Dance Challenge Video Goes ViralThe "running man" dance challenge is burning up the Internet and two Vallejo officers got in on the action with their version. Maria Medina reports. (5-6-16)
Palo Alto Subsidizes Carpoolers' CommuteAbout half of Palo Alto's downtown employees drive to work alone. The city wants to reduce that number by a third. Sharon Chin reports. (4-15-16)
Microsoft Apologizes for Go-Go Dancers at Game Developers Party in SFSeveral attendees at Thursday’s party complained on social media that the hired dancers were offensive and Microsoft issued an apology on Friday. (3-18-16)
Super Bowl Security Keeping A Close Eye On Social MediaLen Ramirez gets an exclusive look at the security operations going on at Levis Stadium for Super Bowl 50. Agents are keeping a close watch on social media.
U.S. Secretary Of Labor Meets With Activists To Discuss 'Gig Economy' Of Silicon ValleyMike Sugerman reports on labor issues in Silicon Valley with certain workers not receiving benefits with full-time jobs (1/26/2016).
Techie Turned Teacher Creates YouTube Comedy Series At Marin County High SchoolJonah Steinhart lived the Silicon Valley dream, selling two startups he co-founded. Then at age 25 he did a 180. KPIX 5's Sharon Chin introduces you to a man whose transformation is the basis of a Bay Area Internet sitcom. (1-8-16)
White House Officials Confab With Silicon Valley Tech Leaders To Thwart Terrorists OnlineTop White House officials met with leading technology companies in San Jose where they discussed ways to combat terrorism. Len Ramirez reports. (1-8-16)
SF Supervisor And Policeman Tussle On Twitter Over Deadly ShootingsS.F. Supervisor John Avalos tweeted his despair over the Bayview District police shooting and San Bernardino massacre. Then officer Carlos Manfredi responded. Sharon Chin reports. (12-4-15)
Backlash Over Alleged Racial Profiling At Neighborhood Watch WebsiteNextdoor, a San Francisco-based social network aimed at connecting neighbors, is responding to complaints of racial profiling. Sharon Chin reports. (10-16-15)
San Francisco Developers Of 'Yelp for People' App Answer CriticsSan Francisco-based co-founder Julia Cordray and her best friend Nicole McCullough created Peeple -- an app to allow people to rate their acquaintances -- because they wanted a way to research strangers. Betty Yu reports. (10-2-15)
Instagram Video Shows SFPD Officers Joking About Shooting SuspectsIn San Francisco, two police officers were caught on camera joking about police shootings. Emily Turner reports. (9-11-15)
Pentagon To Investigate Federal Employees Whose Names Were Released In Ashley Madison HackingThe adultery website Ashley Madison is scrambling to deal with the release of more confidential material after hackers posted internal documents and more details of users. CBS' Michelle Miller explains why it has become a concern for the Department of Defense. (8-21-15)
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Announces Wife Is Pregnant And Reveals Previous MiscarriagesThe co-founder of the world’s largest social network used a Facebook post Friday to announce that his wife Priscilla Chan is pregnant with a healthy baby daughter. Betty Yu reports. (7-31-15)
Major Security Flaw Lets Hackers Take Over Android Phones With Single TextThere's a major security flaw on Android phones. Cate Cauguiran tells us hackers can break in with a single text.
Tech Startup Party Leaves Dolores Park TrashedA tech startup's party in the park ended with a bash backlash. KPIX's Cate Cauguiran reports that PR disaster began with one photo -- and an unfortunate hashtag -- posted on social media. (7-24-15)

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