Vote Smart: Polling Expert Analyzes State of the Presidential RaceKPIX 5's Ken Bastida talks election news with Kathy Frankovic, one of the world's leading experts in public-opinion polling. (10-16-20)
Vote Smart: The Battle Over Prop 22Are Uber drivers and other members of the "gig economy" truly independent contractors? Or are the actually part-time employees, eligible for the same benefits as other such workers receive? Devin Fehely delves into the controversy over Proposition 22. (10-15-20)
Sen. Kamala Harris Halts Campaign Travel After Staffers Test Positive For COVID-19Two people with Sen. Kamala Harris' campaign have tested positive for the coronavirus, prompting the cancellation of the Vice Presidential candidate's campaign travels at least until Sunday, the campaign said Thursday. Anne Makovec reports. (10/15/20)
Given Huge Early Turnout San Mateo Co. Election Officials Assure Votes Will Be CountedJoe Vazquez goes behind the scenes in San Mateo County to see what election officials are doing to make sure votes are counted.
Bay Area Election Experts Weigh In On Legality Of Ballot HarvestingAfter revelations that unofficial ballot boxes were showing up in California, Andria Borba talked to election legal experts who warn it may be illegal.
Contra Costa County Officials Begin Processing Flood Of Early BallotsWilson Walker reports on increased early voting giving registrars an early jump on counting weeks before Election Day (10-13-2020)
President Trump Returns To Campaign Trail After Bout With COVID-19Deborah Alfarone reports on President Trump testing negative for COVID as he returns to the campaign trail (10-12-2020)
Measure G Would Expand Powers Of San Jose Independent Police AuditorVoters in San Jose will have their say on whether or not to expand the powers of the Independent Police Auditor when it comes to deadly force and police brutality cases, this November. Len Ramirez tells us more about Measure G.
Vote Smart: Viewers' Early-Voting Questions AnsweredNapa County Registrar of Voters John Tuteur answers viewers' questions about voting in this historic election. (10-9-20)
Vote Smart: Proposition 23 and the Dialysis IndustryDevin Fehely takes a close look at how Prop 23 would potentially overhaul the dialysis industry. (10-9-20)
As First Week of Early Voting Ends Counties See Surge in Ballots CastThe first week of early voting is coming to an end and one thing is clear: a lot of voters have already cast their ballots, Wilson Walker reports. (10-9-20)
Trump Set to Return to Campaigning as Biden Stumps in NevadaPres. Trump will head back on the campaign trail on Monday and, tomorrow, he'll host an event from the White House. Meanwhile, Joe Biden hit the campaign trail in the battleground state of Nevada. Debra Alfarone reports from Washington. (10-9-20)
East Bay Man Receives Multiple, Misdirected BallotsA Lafayette man has some extra ballots on his hands. They arrived at the correct address but the problem is: the people they were addressed to don't live there and never did. Wilson Walker reports. (10-8-20)
SJSU Professor Donna Crane On VP Debate, Campaign 2020 And MoreMichelle Griego talks with San Jose State University Political Science Professor Donna Crane about the VP debate and more (10-8-2020)
Facebook Extends Ban On Political Ads After Election DayJamie Yuccas reports on Facebook saying it will stop running political ads after polls close on Election Day (10-8-2020)
President Trump Says He Won't Participate In Proposed Virtual Debate Next WeekSkyler Henry reports on President Trump refusing to be part of virtual debate on Oct. 15 as he recovers from COVID (10-8-2020)
Final Preparations Underway For Vice President Candidate Debate In UtahDanya Bacchus reports on anticipation building for face off between VP Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris in Salt Lake City (10-7-2020)
COVID-Stricken,Trump Spends First Day Home From Hospital; Ends Pandemic Aid TalksPresident Trump spent his first full day at the White House since he was hospitalized for COVID-19. He told the GOP to stop negotiating on a stimulus aid package until after the election.
KPIX Vote Smart: Uber, Lyft Customers Targeted By In-App Ads For Proposition 22Uber and Lyft want Californians to vote 'yes' on Proposition 22. Andria Borba shows us the companies' new in-app ads are raising questions.
KPIX Vote Smart: Early Voting Begins In CaliforniaEarly voting officially begins in California on Monday. While many will be using mail-in ballots, Devin Fehely talked some Santa Clara County residents who want to do it the old-fashioned way: in person.
KPIX Vote Smart: Voting Set To Begin In San Francisco At New Civic Center Voting CenterVoting Set To Begin In San Francisco At New Civic Center Voting Center
KPIX VOTE SMART: Voting locations open to become collecting ballots for the Presidential electionVoting locations open to become collecting ballots for the Presidential election
Santa Clara County Gears Up for Influx of Poll WatchersSanta Clara County's registrar of voters is preparing for a potential increase in poll observers during the presidential election, after Pres. Trump called on his supporters to go to the polls on election night. Len Ramirez reports. (10-1-20)
Presidential Debate Marked By Chaos, Personal Insults, InterrruptionsThe Presidential Debate Commission says it will make changes to future debates to prevent a repeat of Tuesday night's debacle. Natalie Brand reports. (9/30/20)

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