Tour the picturesque mountains of Yilan with Hailey and Adam. The couple shows off the lush greenery of the Yilan mountains on their hiking adventure.

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Explore Yilan with Hailey and AdamTour the picturesque mountains of Yilan with Hailey and Adam. The couple shows off the lush greenery of the Yilan mountains on their hiking adventure.
How to Make Scallion Pancakes with IngaTaiwan has so many amazing flavors and one of Inga’s favorite things to make is scallion pancakes. This 4-ingredient crispy and flaky dish is very popular in Taiwan, and it’s fairly straightforward to make.
Venture into Hualien with JasmineVisit Hualien to experience the heart of adventure in Taiwan. The city is located on the east coast of the island and includes “gorgeous scenery, island water adventures, and biking” with the most beautiful backdrops you’ll ever see.
Explore Taiwan’s Food Scene with Hailey and AdamLive vicariously through Hailey and Adam’s vibrant, mesmerizing food crawl in Taiwan.
Taiwanese Snack Favorites with IngaInga, Food and Culture Specialist, takes us through a variety of Taiwanese snacks that are bursting with tasty, unexpected flavors
Hailey and Adam’s Date Night at a Michelin Star RestaurantJoin Hailey and Adam on a date to their very first Michelin star restaurant.
Meet the Friendly People of Taiwan with JasmineTaiwan’s beauty extends beyond its landscapes. The people of Taiwan are some of the most friendly, hospitable people you will meet.
Learn Chinese with Hailey and AdamLearn basic Chinese with Hailey and Adam through their language crash course. The couple is American-born, yet fluent in Chinese, so they often get asked how they were able to learn the language.
Cultural Tips From JasmineIt’s easy to navigate Taiwan. There’s many similarities between traveling around Taiwan and the U.S. Jasmine’s cultural tips below are provided to help prepare you for your own escape to Taiwan.
Jasmine’s Night Market ScoopJasmine spills the “inside scoop” on why night markets are her favorite thing to do in Taiwan. She says that eating in Taiwan is top of the list because the food is “seriously just unmatched.”
Light Up the Night with Hailey and Adam at Taiwan’s Mid-Autumn FestivalHailey and Adam celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as “Moon Festival” and “Mooncake Festival,” by traveling to Chiayi to experience the city’s immersive light show.
Journey to Three Immortals and Monkey Mountain with Hailey and AdamExperience the gorgeous views and peaceful sounds of the Three Immortals with Hailey and Adam. Santiaxianti, otherwise known as the Three Immortals, is “one of the most beautiful places in Taiwan,” says Hailey.
Hailey and Adam’s Fairytale Moment in ShifenJoin Hailey and Adam as they decorate lanterns with New Year’s wishes and release them into the sky.
SCUBA Adventures with Hailey and AdamDive into Taiwan with Hailey and Adam as they take us underwater on a SCUBA adventure.

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