Devin Fehely reports on ambitious new water conservation plan for Santa Clara that city council will vote on Tuesday (7-13-2021)

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Storm System Brings Hope to Parched North BayThe east fork of the Russian River has sprung back to life and is now crawling toward the lake bed that became a postcard for California's drought. Wilson Walker reports. (10-21-21)
Storm Watch: La Honda Residents Ready For Rain, Hope For Relief From Fire DangerResidents in the town of La Honda are hoping several days of rain in the forecast will bring relief after months of dry conditions and extreme fire danger. Max Darrow reports. (10/19/21)
SF PUC, EBMUD Call Proposed Penalties on Water Overusers PrematureDespite lackluster conservation compliance, neither EBMUD nor San Francisco PUC is currently considering financial penalties for customers who do not conserve. Devin Fehely reports. (10-16-21)
San Jose Set to Impose Steep Penalty for Residential Water OveruseSan Jose will soon have the toughest water conservation measures of any major city in the state. Kiet Do reports. (10-15-21)
Salty Tap Water Forcing Marin Residents To Tote Their OwnSaltwater is showing up in public wells in Marin County. John Ramos tells it has forced residents to bottle and tote their own fresh water from filling stations.
CA Drought: EBMUD Plan Uses Sacramento River To Solve Water Supply ShortageEast Bay residents may notice a difference in the taste of their tap water soon. Wilson Walker reports on EBMUD's plan to use the Sacramento River to solve the water shortage during the current drought.
Drought Emergency: Cameras Capture Artificial Turf Theft In San Jose NeighborhoodAs the ongoing drought prompts some to replace their lawns, thieves were caught on camera stealing an expensive roll of artificial turf from the front of a San Jose home. Len Ramirez reports. (10/4/21)
Wasted Fresh Water Seen Surging Into San Jose Storm DrainKPIX 5's Len Ramirez discovered a storm drain near Hwy 101 in San Jose that seems to be filling with thousands of gallons of fresh water going to waste during the severe drought. (9-30-21)
State-of-the-Art Water Purification Plant Helps Silicon Valley Battle DroughtThe Santa Clara Valley facility uses advanced technologies to purify treated waste water using microfiltration, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet light to treat 8 million gallons a day. Kiet Do reports. (9-23-21)
Healdsburg Cuts Water Use in HalfEveryone in California has been asked to conserve water but no city is doing a better job of it than Healdsburg. Wilson Walker reports. (9-23-21)
State Water Conservation Falls Short Of Gov. Newsom's GoalThe first report card showing how much water California is conserving is not good. Betty Yu reports that the state fell short of its goals, but the Bay Area did better, conserving nearly 8.5 percent on average.
CA Drought: Desalination May Be Alternative Solution For Marin Co. Water CrisisMarin County is considering an expensive solution to its current water shortage. Desalination. Wilson Walker shows us the current plan.
Water Use Up in Some South Bay Communities, Despite Calls to ConserveDevin Fehely reports on a number of South Bay cities falling short of proposed water conservation goals (9-8-2021)
Drought Emergency: Dry Conditions Sending Wildlife Into Bay Area NeighborhoodsFrom turkeys strolling along streets, to wild pigs digging up yards, dry conditions in the hills has sent thirsty wildlife into neighborhoods across the Bay Area. Juliette Goodrich reports. (9/2/21)
CA Drought: Proposed Emergency Pipeline Would Bring Much-Needed Water To Marin CountyDrought-stricken Marin County is looking at a proposal to build a pipeline along the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge to bring much needed water from the Central Valley. Kenny Choi has details of the plan.
Drought Emergency: Santa Clara Water Officials Issue Dire Warning As Reservoirs Dip To Historic LowsThe Santa Clara Valley Water District is sounding the alarm, warning the drought is quickly depleting its above-ground storage in its 10 reservoirs. Devin Fehely reports. (8/25/21)
North Bay Counties Distribute Water-Saving Tools, Promote ConservationThe water shortage is severe in much of the North Bay. On Saturday, Marin, Sonoma and Mendocino counties joined together to offer the tools for saving water and spreading the message of conservation. John Ramos reports. (8-21-21)
CA Drought: State Water Regulators Investigate Missing Water On Russian RiverWater that should flow downstream is mysteriously missing along Russian River. John Ramos tells us where officials believe that water is going.
Wine Country Grower Forced To Make Tough Choice When Vineyard Runs DryAs the drought deepens, industries that rely on water a facing a desperate situation. In the Napa and Sonoma Valleys, John Ramos reports one producer has literally run dry.
California Drought: Farmers Turn To Centuries-Old Dowsing To Find WaterWith the drought rapidly drying up reservoirs, farmers are desperately searching for any new source of water. John Ramos reports some are turning to a method that is thousands of years old - dowsing.
Extended Interview With Flat Broke Farms Director Erica GregoryFlat Broke Farms Animal Rescue Director Erica Gregory talks about impact of drought on farmers keeping livestock (8-4-2021)
Cotati Farm Rescuing Livestock Being Abandoned Due Water ShortagesJohn Ramos reports on some Sonoma County farmers being forced to give up livestock animals due to water shortages (8-4-2021)
Water Restrictions Hitting Businesses in Mendocino CountyCarter Evans reports on how some Mendocino businesses are coping with the drastic drought conditions in Northern California (8-3-2021)
Lake Oroville Dropping Fast, Nears Lowest Level in HistoryThe water level at Lake Oroville in Butte County is dropping about a foot a day. (7-23-21)

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