hog1 Motorcyclists to Pay Bridge TollsOAKLAND, Calif.  (KCBS)- Bridge tolls set to increase on the state run spans on Thursday will not only affect people driving cars but, motorcyclists will also feel the pinch.

Thursday morning the world changes for motorcyclists who have gone to the toll plazas during commute times for free.

They’ll be charged $2.50, the regular toll at other times of the day.

Randy Rentschler of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission says they’ll also need a FasTrak transponder.

“The way to think about it is if you are an eligible carpool, be it a motorcycle, a Prius, or any kind of alternative fuel vehicle, you name it.  You’re going to be treated as a carpool if you have three people in your car or you’re a motorcycle and you’ll be charged $2.50,” stated Rentschler.

Bruno Sandoval who rides a bike and works at Oakland’s Harley Davidson dealership says $2.50 is quite an increase.

“Riding a motorcycle for me is all about being economical.  I’ve been a rider for a long time and the increase is kind of unfortunate.  It’s kind of like penalizing for utilizing something that should be an asset to the city and the community” said

The regular commute hour toll on the Bay Bridge with congestion pricing will be six dollars.


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