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The country's state oil company said the platform, located in the Gulf of Mexico was moving to do offshore maintenance
The paintings, including three won by an American GI in a poker game, were turned over to the German government Tuesday
Give Johannes Stoetter some paint and human bodies and he'll create an incredible illusion
Footage shot by a cargo ship rescuing shows women and children among the last to be rescued from flimsy, sinking dinghy on the Mediterranean
Libyan migrants were rescued by the Italian Coast Guard as their rubber boats began to deflate and sink. CBSN's Meg Oliver and Vladimir Duthiers describe the dramatic rescue.
Gerard "Jock" Davison had been accused of ordering the murder that eventually led the IRA to disarm
Tradition of having underlings in China hold umbrellas to be shielded from the elements comes under criticism
The government has several times said Beiji refinery was under control, but militants have repeatedly counterattacked
The 2,000-year-old Dead Sea Scroll is so brittle it will only go in display for two weeks at Israel's leading museum
Yemeni tribal leaders say Saudi soldiers captured as fighting along two nations' shared border escalates