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2 crewmen bailed out of a Marine Corps aircraft when it lost power on takeoff from the USS Makin Island
Northern Lights and spectacular views mark autumn near the Arctic Circle

Chanel's Paris "protest"

Karl Lagerfeld stages a street-themed show for Paris Fashion Week, complete with mock political demonstrations
Latest move by student leaders of pro-democracy protests could trigger another round of confrontation with police
Taiwanese leaders warn Beijing it could "hurt the future of relations" with nation it wants to draw closer
Doves released in ceremony for China's National Day underwent unusual scrutiny, state-run media reports
ISIS gains ground, continues brutal tactics in country's north, but as U.K. drops 1st bombs and Turkey mulls a role, militants pushed back in Iraq
As China marks patriotic holiday, thousands in semi-autonomous Hong Kong take advantage of day off work to "boo" Beijing
With deadly gases and fears of a 2nd eruption still lingering, crews resume search on Mount Ontake and make a grim discovery
Although marijuana use is pervasive, it's actually still illegal on Caribbean island

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