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Photos and videos of Shaimaa El-Sabbagh gunned down in broad daylight during a protest have rallied large groups of women to protest against the Egyptian government. Despite the outrage, police have claimed that these images may have been "fabricated." Alex Ortiz reports from Cairo.
CBSN reports on a gunman arrested after attacking a Dutch TV station. The station's broadcast went off the air for about an hour while police sought and arrested the suspect. Police say he had a list of demands and wanted 10 minutes of airtime.
The bipartisan calls for new U.S. policy follow President Obama's decision to normalize relations with Cuba after over 50 years of hostility
NOS reports the 19-year-old -- who claimed to be a hacker -- threatened a security guard and demanded to go on TV
2 pilots were aiming for Canada, but the weather has forced them to make a sweeping right turn toward Mexico
The incident at North Kabul International Airport, which also claimed the life of an Afghan national, is under investigation
A gas truck explosion shattered a maternity and children's hospital in Mexico City Thursday morning. Gabriela Calzada, anchor at Uno TV Mexico, joins Elaine Quijano on CBSN with the latest.
Cockpit voice recording indicates that French national co-pilot was flying the plane while the Indonesian captain was monitoring
A deadly explosion flattens a maternity and children's hospital in Mexico City
The fate of two hostages held by ISIS remains unknown, and a new deadline set by the terror group has expired. CBS News correspondent Charlie D'Agata joins CBSN with more on how officials in Jordan are ready to make a prisoner swap.

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