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At least 6 officials of soccer's world governing body detained in Switzerland for extradition to U.S.; millions of dollars in bribes and kickbacks said to be involved
No civilians or security personnel injured or killed during all-night siege at guesthouse in an area home to many embassies and foreign firms
Navy aircraft flew over the area with support from Malaysia to help find Rohingya and Bangladeshis that may be trapped at sea
The World Health Organization has adopted a plan to combat a resistance to antibiotics. CBS News correspondent Seth Doane went to New Delhi, India where the issue is so severe, doctors worry they'll soon struggle to fight infections.
The role of a joint terminal attack controller (JOTC) -- the person who helps coordinate strikes from the ground -- is especially important in urban combat. But it's not being used in the fight against ISIS. CBS News correspondent David Martin explains how a JOTC would help Iraqi forces -- and why the Pentagon says it's not currently using any.
Pentagon admits having this position involved would aid Iraqi troops and make air strikes more effective
Doctors in India fear there will soon be infections that antibiotics can't treat
The Russian air force exercises are taking place at the same time as NATO's two-week military drill over the Arctic
In southeastern states, temperatures as high as 118 degrees have overwhelmed the region and shows no sign of relenting soon
"Raqqa is now the new New York" of the caliphate, ISIS fighter proclaims of the new premier destination for terrorist newlyweds