Deliberations only lasted a few hours in the trial of the former BART police officer accused of murder Wednesday. The jury had to start deliberations from scratch Wednesday morning after a new juror was seated to replace one who was leaving on vacation.

Replacing the vacationing juror took all of 30 seconds. The new panelist is an Asian woman taking over for a Latino man.

CBS Five reporter Julie Watts, who is in Los Angeles covering the trial, says Wednesday’s deliberations were cut short because another juror had a medical appointment. The judge indicated that he expects a full day of deliberations Thursday.

Watts says there was one other wrinkle when the judge revealed that a note was sent by the jury last Friday asking for guidance on “provocation,” or conduct in the heat of passion. She says the judge and the prosecution assumed the question was referring to the crowd, but the defense believes it referred to the alleged aggression shown by former Officer Tony Pirone on the BART platform that morning.

Mehserle is facing murder charges for the fatal shooting of Oscar Grant early New Year’s Day 2009. Grant was lying face down when he was shot. Mehserle, who is white, claims he mistakenly pulled his gun instead of a Taser.

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Comments (4)
  1. J says:

    This case must not really matter since the jury is either sick, has a dr appt or has a vacation planned. Really?!! Don’t you think that deliberations should be high on the priority list. Seems like the jury is in control of this court not the judge or attorneys. What is going to postpone deliberations tomorrow…the jury wants to go shopping.

  2. GFR says:

    Meanwhile half the businesses in Oakland are boarded up because they expect rioting to start the moment a verdict is reached. How much has this LA jury cost Oakland while they delay?

  3. Believe it! says:

    How about anyone who is caught rioting get a felony charge against them? Or bring in the National Guard to control order. When did hoodlums and gangs get to take over the streets??

    1. dig says:

      Nice! Its about time someone spoke the truth about this case. This all could have been avoided if OG complied. At least there is one less career criminal we have to pay for.

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