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Berkeley Rescue Highlights Need for Summer Safety Precautions

A rescue this week near Berkeley underscores the importance of thinking ahead about water safety this summer. It was an outing at the Berkeley pier that almost turned tragic. The Coast Guard received a call of three children stranded on rocks with the tide coming in.
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“A lot of people don’t leave themselves a way out,” said Petty Officer third class Max Kaczmarek, who was on the rescue team. “It’s always, I think, a little bit more nerve-wracking when it’s children, but we do a lot of adult rescues as well.”

Kaczmarek suggests thinking ahead, and carrying a cell phone or radio to call for help if needed.

Chopper crew member Tracy Spencer says if they do have to rescue you, make the job easier for them.

“Help us spot you with something nice and bright on,” said Spencer.

As for the stranded kids, they are all fine.

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