OAKLAND, Calif. (KCBS)- Members of Oakland’s City Council and ordinary citizens were on hand Thursday night for the protest against the Johannes Mehserle verdict.

Some are being credited with keeping a bad situation from getting worse.

When the rally was still peaceful, council members, including Desley Brooks, worked to keep confrontations between police and protesters to a minimum.

“There were many peacemakers out there who were trying to make sure that people got home safely, that we minimized the damage that took place out there. I don’t know that we were anymore significant than them,” said Brooks.

One man who was standing nearby tried to close the security gate while Foot Locker was being looted. He wouldn’t give his name.

“I’m not angry it’s just stupid, it’s nonsense,” said the man.

That’s the way many felt after the peaceful demonstration turned violent.

The violence could have been worse without the peacemakers.

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