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Shattered Windows, Some Looting

OAKLAND, Calif. (KCBS)- Some Downtown Oakland store owners went to work Thursday night breaking out the remnants of already shattered windows.

Mike Isso owns the Jitters & Shakes coffee shop. He didn’t hide his anger with the aftermath of the protest saying there wasn’t much he could do, and that some people’s actions just “weren’t right”.

Looters targeted several stores on Broadway after nightfall including a pawn shop, beauty store and a Foot Locker.

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One woman argued with looters as they broke into the shoe store.

“I’m here to peacefully demonstrate and not be out here with this violence. I’m here to let people know that that’s what we are here for,” said the woman.

Much of the damage was done to stores on Broadway and Webster, but it appears the vandalism was not as widespread as January of 2009 when hundreds of businesses were targeted in the wake of the fatal shooting of Oscar Grant.

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