WASHINGTON (AP) _ Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said he has apologized to ousted employee Shirley Sherrod and offered her a unique new position at the agency.

Sherrod told the Associated Press that she’s considering the offer, which she said was for a different position than her former post as state director of rural development in Georgia.

Vilsack told reporters that Sherrod accepted his apology. He said, “She was extraordinarily gracious.”

The offer comes after an embarrassed White House apologized to Sherrod Wednesday for ousting her over her remarks about race.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said the administration did not know all the facts when it acted.

Gibbs said Obama had been briefed as the situation developed.

“He talked about the fact that a disservice had been done, an injustice had happened and, because the facts had changed, a review of the decision based on those facts should be taken,” Gibbs said.

Sherrod was asked by department officials to resign on Monday after conservative bloggers posted a video of her saying she didn’t initially give a white farmer as much help as she could have 24 years ago, when she was working for a farmers’ aid group.

Sherrod says she used the story in her speech to the NAACP to promote racial reconciliation and that the edited video distorted her remarks.

After a video of her full speech was posted online by the NAACP, the White House called the Agriculture Department about the case Tuesday night and it was agreed that her ouster should be reviewed.

Gibbs said people in the administration and outside of it acted without all the facts.

Video of Shirley Sherrod Speech, Courtesy of NAACP

Comments (3)
  1. masschusetts says:

    It is too bad that the President, being black, continually acts too quick to pass judgment prior to obtaining all of the facts. It gives the appearance that he wants so badly to convince the American Public that, being black will not make his actions prejudicial, but in fact, because he is so quick to act, he is acting prejudicial, and against Blacks. Why can’t the American Public just get over it and start viewing ourselves as Americans and not as Black-Americans, Mexican-Americans, etc. I thought we are a melting pot….Well start melting!

  2. James K Polk says:

    Our government has turned into a pc circus. I think the black lady should be fired because she admited to being racist while in the agency. She should have never had that attitude in the first place. I wonder who else has been harmed by her tainted conduct–which she admits to openly. And then she also admits to being a Marxists, which is revealed in her statement that shoe finally realized that it;s not black against white, but rich against poor. Rich people are not simply to blame for poor people’s problems. And people who think that way are usualy Marxists. So, she progressed from being a racist to being Marxist; how nice!

    1. H. Louis says:

      James…what are you sniffing? Or smoking, or do you have an I.V. drip to achieve your stupor? Did you watch the entire video of her speech? The Oppressor is real. You can read about him (them) here on a daily basis. Or simply check-out our local or national news outlets. And if you want to see some real idiots making a case of our well-to-do citizens: check-out Fox! Marxism is an ideology that may be more sustainable than our soon to be doomed capitalism. Obviously you are a capitalist, and like my pappy used to say “either you’re a capitalist, or a victim of capitalism!” I don’t want to be victimized by anyone. That includes you ! That’s why I live in…


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