Will the Governor Carry Out His No Budget Threat?

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Imagine a governor leaving office without finishing his job, specifically, signing a new budget.

That’s exactly what Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is threatening to do if he doesn’t start getting some cooperation from lawmakers and state workers’ unions.

Governor Schwarzenegger told a group of business leaders at a round table in Los Angeles that if lawmakers and union leaders don’t make some budget concessions, he’ll leave office next January without signing a new budget, and let the next governor deal with it.

Sacramento Business consultant Leo McElroy says the governor is quite concerned with his legacy: pension reform for government workers, budget reform, a rainy day fund, and tax reform, and if he does this, that is what he’ll be remembered for.

“I have never heard a threat quite this draconian before,” McElroy said.

McElroy added that he doesn’t believe the governor will carry the threat out.

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